“The veterans were naked, with only sheets on, and beat you to the bare ass” + Stories with Dobrin and Balaci

Article by Costin Ștucan – Published Monday, June 27, 2022 15:58 / Updated Monday, June 27, 2022 16:11

Constantin Gache (65 years old) was not one of the elite players in Division A – as League 1 was known in the ’70s and’ 80s -, but he had the chance to play against or with the best footballers in history Romania, Dobrin, Ilie Balaci and Gheorghe Hagi.

Gache’s name is related to Farul, a club for which he made his debut at the age of 17, when he was an 11th grade student. After almost 200 matches in the first two leagues, the former midfielder returned to the club after the Revolution as second coach, head coach and president.

His stories, told live on GSP Live, recompose the picture of a sunset football after which the Romanians have now come to long.

Gache recalls an episode that happened before a FC Argeș – Farul match. The night before the match, the guests’ coach, Emanoil Hașoti, spoke to the players, explaining to them what he expects from them the next day:

“The coach finishes and Dumitru Antonescu says:” Nea Lache (no – the diminutive of Hașoti), you forgot something. You didn’t put a man in Dobrin ». And nea Lache says: “When the ball is in Dobrin, look at the others so they don’t run away”. That’s right. And with his back he passed. With the left, with the right, it didn’t matter.

In the match, Dobrin was in my area. He was a magician. I thought I was taking his ball, I slipped it, but I shot one in his shin. Another would be upset, he would swear at me. He puts his foot on the ball and says, “Kid, be careful!” That’s it. And he left with the ball. We remembered this phase over the years. ”

One year older than Gache, Ilie Balaci was in the mid-70s the terrible child of Romanian football. The former midfielder from Farul recounts laughing an incident that happened in a direct match with the one nicknamed “Blonde Wonder”:

“I played in Constanța with the University of Craiova. It was the 90th minute, 1-0 for them, Geolgău had scored. The referee gave us a free kick from 18 yards out. The spectators were shouting from the stands to beat Balaci, although it was a blow for us. I took the ball and scored. I matched. Balaci tells me: “I was giving this one too!”.

The truth is, he would have given it too. I was just a tractor driver, but I hit the ball well. I stayed a long time after training. I practiced a lot. We were in no hurry to go home. And when I saw those good balls, Adidas Tango, you didn’t feel like leaving. “

I played against Steaua in Ghencea. In the first quarter of an hour, Marcel Răducanu turned us around as he wanted. It was 2-0 in the 16th minute. After that, they started with the moves. I remember that he dribbled all of us, the goalkeeper also dribbled, but he didn’t score. Someone came from behind and blew the ball into his car. Marcel sat and stared in amazement
– Constantin Gachethe GSP Live

The wild ritual in Romanian football that Gheorghe Hagi also went through:

Constantin Gache, 18 years old. “After I took this picture, I went to high school,” says the former player

In the early ’80s, Farul produced a huge talent, Gica Hagi. Machidonul Gache witnessed live the explosion of the young colleague born in Săcele, just 15 kilometers from his native village Cogealac:

“In two matches, with Târgoviște and Bihor, he took the ball from 16 meters from our goal and simply entered it with their goal. My friend Fane Petcu was upset, he still scolded Hagi for not passing. Fane’s government was falling apart, everyone was with Hagi. I scolded Fane: “Leave the boy alone!” Don’t you see that they put it in our gate ?! »».

Before taking on the defenders of Division A, however, Hagi had to endure the baptism of the locker room at the Lighthouse, a ritual that Gache now considers “barbaric.”

“Hagi was lucky, so was I. We knew how to sing. The older ones in the team were naked, with only the sheets on. It was as if you were standing in front of the supreme court. They made us sing, say a poem, talk about someone, dance. Let’s do what they wanted. Take your palms to the bottom. They were wearing slippers, a cannonball, wet towels. Hagi was made to sing, he sang, but he also took it to the bottom. But gentler.

Instead, Aurică Rădulescu (No. – former Romanian international died at the age of 25 in a train accident), the poor man, wept over the baptism. I heard he had problems, he was left with sequelae because of it. He knew how to sing, but he didn’t want to sing and they burned him a little at the baptism.

The wild ritual in Romanian football that Gheorghe Hagi also went through:

Constantin Gache, in the GSP Live studio

To another, Gătej, they reopened his baptism three times. He did the first one with me. I passed quickly, took a few slaps. He didn’t want to say poetry, he sang, but they didn’t like it and they took it harder. After that, he did not want to carry the equipment and his baptism was reopened. They beat him again. The third time I was in camp at Stâna de Vale. She was also the Romanian language teacher Comăniță, the coach’s wife, she wanted to intervene because they beat him. He said: “Baptism, baptism, but really ?!”.

Goalkeeper Dan Ștefănescu had a very heavy slap. He was a teacher, otherwise a serious man, but at baptism he was not taken into account. Likewise, Bălosu had a heavy palm “.

Gache avoids making a hierarchy with Dobrin, Balaci and Hagi. “Gica had an explosion. Balaci also had it, but not at Gica’s level. But it’s a shame to compare Dobrin, Balaci and Hagi. It’s a shame not to talk about Iordănescu, Dumitrache, Dinu.

At Dinu I was watching TV at the 1970 World Cup, I was 13 years old. I was the youngest in the house. I had a Diamond TV and it was defective on the control disc. The disc was falling. During the matches, they made me stand with my leg outstretched to keep the disc from falling. The matches were at 2 at night. I had taken a chair, I was sitting on the disk, but I was still tired. When I was tired, a pillow would come to my head.

When I became a footballer, I suffered it with Dinu in Constanța as I suffered it with Dobrin. I fouled him, I took his ball. He took me upstairs. Dinu also put you somewhere, but not with malice. I, however, had Liță Dumitru as a model. He possessed, passed, shot at the goal. A complete player “.

In Bacău, Aristide Ghiță was the goalkeeper who came out in front of you like a gorilla. You were simply intimidated when you saw him. He didn’t care at all. We didn’t know, but our colleague Mărculescu took sand from the athletics pit behind the gates and threw it in the eyes of the goalkeepers. At a match with Bacău, he took it and gave it to Ghiță in the corner. Ghita started running him on the field
– Constantin Gachethe GSP Live

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