“The volunteer took 3,000 euros from CFR! How can the mayor take advantage of my enemies? ”

GSP Article – Posted Saturday, May 14, 2022 11:15 PM / Updated Sunday, May 15, 2022 12:25 AM

FC Volunteers – FCSB 2-2 | Gigi Becali, the owner of the red-blues, claims that tonight’s opponents received a bonus from CFR Cluj to confuse FCSB. Florentin Pandele, the mayor of Voluntari, who supports the football team, is Becali’s son-in-law.

  • If CFR Cluj will win the match with the University of Craiova tomorrow (21:30), then the Transylvanians will become mathematically champions before the last round of the play-off!

Gigi Becali: “They had 1,500 euros premium from the City Hall and 3,000 from CFR Cluj”

“If it’s offside and it’s not allowed 2-1 … Congratulations to the players, I beat 2-1. Ofsaid clear! I believe God will do justice tomorrow.

They played for 1,500 euros from the City Hall and 3,000 from CFR. It bothered me that they took a bonus from CFR!

We do an exercise in imagination: you are Becali, hypothetically speaking. You are at FCSB and you play a match with FC Voluntari, where your son-in-law is a kind of owner. All week I fought a lot to play on the Arena, I moved the match on Saturday, I did them a favor, if they played tomorrow they didn’t have the courage, because the Cup final is coming, it was a day of rest. You argue with them that they don’t want to play on the Arena, they also make a financial recipe …

Why did the City Hall give a 1,500 euro premium? It was to their disadvantage, they didn’t have to give it, it just doesn’t make any sense! But take money from my opponent … I can’t believe it! Someone told me before that, “Gigi, you have a lot of inspiration, but forgive me for telling you, you’re stupid of people.” But I love people, I trust them.

I am referring to the fact that a team received a 3,000 euro bonus from CFR. We even have friends and relatives on the team, at Voluntari. That’s not possible! How can I allow the mayor to take a premium from my enemies? I said play fair. It doesn’t seem normal to me to sue your godfather. That’s my upset.

I want Craiova to beat tomorrow, to take the championship, but also to lose the Volunteer Cup. They won’t even touch it. What a mess they made, they won’t even touch it! They can’t, God can’t let them take the Cup!

I’m so sorry this happened to me … you better get him past the championship and you’re done. Let your very son betray you … “, said Gigi Becali at Digi Sport Special.

Florentin Pandele, the mayor of Voluntariului: “I was disturbed by what Becali said. State institutions to investigate! ”

According to Gigi Becali’s statements, Florentin Pandele, the son-in-law of the FCSB owner and the mayor of Voluntari, spoke by phone.

Pandele claims that he does not know about any bonus offered to the football team for the duel with FCSB and asks for investigations from the state institutions. At the same time, the mayor of the Volunteer was disappointed by the attitude of his godfather.

“I left the country, I’m on a pilgrimage, I was called by a friend and that’s how I found out what Gigi Becali said.

As mayor, I ask the Romanian state institutions, starting this morning, to start one or more emergency investigations if what the owner of FCSB said is true. And if the 1,500 euros were really promised to those from FC Voluntari from the City Hall, an amount doubled by another 3,000 euros that came from other sources, those who are guilty should pay! I do not have such information. But it is possible that what the FCSB owner says is true and I ask the state institutions to investigate.

As the end of Gigi Becali, the greatest fortune I leave to my 5 boys is honor. I respect my relatives and care about them. When my godfather Gigi Becali was convicted and had to go to jail, I was next to Gheorghe Hagi and we were both crying. Not from the show, not from the image, but from the soul.

It hurt me so much what Gigi Becali said, that she listened to I don’t know who was telling her not to trust me. I’ll talk to him. How is it possible to be accused by my godfather that the City Hall gave a 1,500 euro premium for the football team and another 3,000 euros from Cluj? Are you, like my godfather, making these accusations about me? I was bothered by his attitude! “, Said Pandele.

FC Voluntari is a company like FCSB. These are individual budgets. Voluntari City Hall has several companies, around 16. FC Voluntari is independent of the City Hall. It is a 100% trading company. Voluntari City Hall gives money for travel, for the care of the land, not for salaries.

Salaries are paid from TV rights, advertising, other resources. The mayor’s office cannot give any bonuses for victories. For the Romanian Cup, a bonus of the money collected from FRF for the winner of the trophy can be awarded, somewhere around 200,000 euros

Florentin Pandele, mayor of Voluntari

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