“The worst concert of my life”, Marc Anthony unleashes controversy on social networks after his show in Madrid

The line that separates illusion and despair is very fine, and yesterday we experienced it with the “bad organization” of the Show of Marc Anthony in the capital. What seemed like for many fans of the artist was going to be one of the best moments of his life (in reference to the musical), It ended up being a total fiasco.

The expectation was maximum: about 27,000 attendees, data provided by the Madrid City Council, expected to give everything to a Latin rhythm with Anthony’s songs, but things got out of hand and the controversy jumped on social networks practically instantly.

To this we must add that This concert has experienced several cancellations due to the pandemicso many fans have been waiting for this appointment for years.

endless queues

Without a doubt, one of the main complaints we have seen on Twitter is related to the long queues that formed around the venue. Several attendees claim to have missed much of the concert (or to have thrown in the towel along the way) for this reason and announce a possible future claim to the organization of the event.

Note: the hashtags #novaliolapena We think it’s twenty out of ten in the “humor made on Twitter” category.

bad sound

Another of the most commented points in the RRSS has been the poor sound of the show. “bad sound” or “the sound in the back, pitiful” have been some of the most outstanding comments about it.

A Show short and unlucky musically, “un truño”

Reading “a truño” as a definition of a concert by an artist of the stature of Marc Athony is quite a surprise. Some attendees claim a “horrible” repertoire, few songs (an hour of Show in total) or too much time between topicyes In short, the complaints go beyond the organization and also emphasize the musical level of the evening.

In short: “The worst concert of my life”

Faced with such a headline, it is not necessary to develop this idea in depth, since it makes it very clear. For some Twitterers, Marc Anthony’s show at IFEMA was “the worst concert I’ve ever seen”, so little more we can add about it. Everything indicates that the sum of a bad organization and a doubtful musical quality does not form a successful combo.

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Cover photo | @marcanthony