Theodora Becali »The latest” injection “from Gigi’s daughter

Gigi Becali’s daughter, Theodora, has lent the FCSB another million euros to cover the costs at the end of this season. The Becali family had lent the club another € 300,000 earlier this year.

FCSB ended last year with a profit of two million euros, but in the first part of 2022 it needs financial “infusions” to end the season. Sources from the club say that Theodora Becali, the owner’s daughter, recently granted another loan of one million euros, money needed to cover current costs.


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The Becali family credits FCSB again

Gigi and Theodora had also lent the FCSB 300,000 euros earlier this year. Loans are clear signs that the company is no longer able to supplement its budget from ordinary sources of income: TV rights, sponsors, tickets. The owner’s money is needed again for the normal operation of the club.

Main source: Theodora »The amount with which Gigi Becali's daughter lent FCSB

Malcom Edjouma and company consume more than they produce // PHOTO: Raed Krishan

Without Europe, the FCSB only “eats” money

FCSB has not sold any footballers recently. He still had 4.1 million euros to collect from Galatasaray from Morutan’s transfer, but the Turks did not pay on time and now a trial is needed at FIFA for the Romanians to get the amount they negotiated when they they sold Olympus.

Ever since he appeared in football, Becali received money from the club only during the periods when his team achieved great results in the European cups: qualification in the Champions League groups, access in the upper phases of the Europa League. From 2003, when he became owner, until 2009, Gigi had invested 21 million euros in Steaua, the name of the band at that time.

The performances, especially those from 2012-2014, in which Reghecampf was the coach, helped Becali to recover all the money he had lent to the club. For four years, UEFA has ceased to be an important source for the FCSB.

The red-blues have not caught European groups since the 2017-2018 season. In February 2018, their most recent match in Europe took place, the defeat with Lazio, 1-5 in the return match played in Rome. In Bucharest, the team led by Nicolae Dică had defeated the Italians 1-0.

15 million eurosearned FCSB in 2021. Nearly 10 million euros came from the sale of some players, a source that a football club cannot rely on to keep every financial year. League 1 TV rights are the most important secure income

Gigi Becali is planning other investments

Becali is not alerted to the situation in which he ended up, to need his money again to cover the holes in the budget. Delighted by victory with FC Argeș, 4-0Gigi announced that in the summer of this year he will buy more players:

“The team is very good even now, but some additions are needed. We still need an inter, because Edjouma is not what we need, and we also need to find a striker “. One of the interiors would be Olaru, who has become an undisputed headline.

Becali calculated in a statement from Pro Arena how the team should be made up: “In the strongest matches, Florin Tănase can also play in the middle, which means that we need another striker. I don’t know who the striker will be, one of those now in the group could also impose himself. It could be Ianis Stoica, Dumiter, Mamut or Florinel Coman. We’ll see. ”

The most important acquisition of this winter was represented by Malcom Edjouma, brought from FC Botoșani with 330,000 euros. Becali has already come to the idea that the Cameroonian midfielder is not as good as he thought.

The title is also an economic stake for FCSB

FCSB can continue to be a profitable company if it manages to sell a very expensive player. Becali is convinced that Octavian Popescu will be a “commodity” for sale with a lot of money, an amount of tens of millions of euros. So far there is no such big offer for Popescueven if the young Romanian international came to the attention of the clubs from the best European championships.

In the short term, Gigi could recover her investment by winning the championship and continuing in a European cup at least in groups. From Romania, only the champion participates in the Champions League preliminaries, the other three representatives in Europe enter the Conference directly.

The champion has several chances: if she leaves the Champions League, she will go down to the Europa League, and from there she can move on to the Conference. This is how CFR Cluj ended up in groups this season, after being eliminated from the first two competitions.

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