They are looking for a man who would be poisoning dogs in the northwest of Bogotá

Photo: Christin Klose/dpa

Citizens from some sectors of Bogotá denounced that dogs have been killed as a result of the actions of a man who, for some time, has been putting poisoned food on the streets. Residents of Engativá, for example, highlighted that he attacks house guard dogs, in fact, in that town, two dogs were already victims of the subject. Authorities are already searching for the named man.

In the security cameras that have recorded the man’s actions, it is seen how he approaches the doors of different houses to put the food that contains the toxic substance. Hypotheses of the citizens assure that it could be a plan to end the life of animals that would come to alert of possible robberies. In addition to Engativá, similar cases are known in Fontibón, Kennedy and Suba.

So far, it is unknown if these are isolated cases or if it is a whole plan. According to what veterinarians detail, a poisoned animal can reflect symptoms such as seizures, unconsciousness, inability to swallow, pain, swelling of your rib cage, or trouble breathing or walking.

The Mayor’s Office of Bogotá, on its website, shows a list of actions that can be carried out by citizens whose pets are victims of this type of attack.

“We suggest trying to induce vomiting by administering one of these solutions with a syringe: Hydrogen peroxide: one milliliter for each kilogram of weight; Activated carbon: dilute between two and eight milligrams of this substance in water, which is available on the market in powder form or in pill form,” the portal reads.

“If possible, take a sample of the suspicious material that the animal consumed in a container and show it to the veterinarian who is going to treat it. This could provide information on the type of intoxication or poisoning for treatment; a vomit sample may also be helpful. Take him to a veterinary clinic for professional medical care as soon as possible”, it is added on the website of the local administration.

To denounce events like this, reminds the Bogotá Mayor’s Office, it is necessary to approach the National Police or the Attorney General’s Office. “The IDPYBA (District Institute for Animal Protection and Welfare) also has a legal assistance team that can guide the actions that people want to take to report a case of poisoning, among others, by writing the query to our email:”, emphasizes the authority.

It is recalled that, in case of wanting to report, it is necessary to have some evidentiary material that can help the authorities to take legal action and feed the investigation. Among the tests, the necropsy results of the presumably poisoned animals, videos, photos, testimonies, among others, can be presented.

“Care measures should not always be restrictive, we must change the concept that dogs must be prohibited from everything, because they need to enjoy spaces to be free, explore, play and interact with others of their species. Having positive training and using motivators (snacks and/or toys) is important so that you have a closer interaction with your caregiver or fork and avoid looking for items to eat on the street”explained Oscar Alarcón, behavioral leader of the IDPYBA Animal Care Unit, on the prevention of pet poisoning.

The Mayor’s Office recommends, as much as possible, not to lose sight of the animals when taking them out for a walk; collar them until you find a safe space where they can be released; use to get his attention and prevent him from being distracted by other objects or unknown substances. “If you see broken glass, food or foreign substances, pick them up without coming into direct contact with them (use gloves or a bag), and deposit them in a place where they cannot be reached by an animal”reads the instructions of the local administration.


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