They asked Rushdi Abaza about the reason for his divorce on the morning of the wedding night? .. He answered without shame and with all boldness!

Dunguan Egyptian cinema, a nickname given to the artist Rushdi Abaza, for his handsomeness that appeared on cinema screens, and his taste in dealing with women, in addition to his five marriages, and perhaps the most famous of these marriages in the media, his marriage to the Lebanese artist Sabah, which did not last two consecutive weeks, after they married purely Coincidence and speed, but there were conflicting rumors about the reason for their divorce over the past years in the newspapers.

When looking at episode 45 of the memoirs of the artist Rushdi Abaza, in the Lebanese Network magazine in the November 18, 1974 issue, we find that Rushdi Abaza explained that there is a close and intimate person of Sabah’s heart, who asked her for a divorce from Rushdi Abaza, or else he would commit suicide. Rushdie has an answer asking him for a divorce, stressing that she tried to clarify her position on marrying Rushdie and that a woman likes to live under the shadow of a man who protects her, but that person close to him refused to listen to her reasons.

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Before Rushdi Abaza sent his response to Sabah’s answer, he was surprised by the Lebanese newspapers publishing the news of Sabah’s request for divorce from Rushdi Abaza, which angered Rushdie and thought that Sabah was the one who sent the news to journalists due to her strong relationship with the press, and the dignity and jealousy as an eastern man made Rushdie reject the idea of ​​asking for a divorce. From him, many questions revolved in Rushdi Abaza’s mind, the most prominent of which was: Did Sabah publish that news to provoke me, so I sent her the divorce paper, and went out to the press saying that I had divorced her?, and decided to respond to the journalists by asking her to the house of obedience.. This is the Sharia.

Rushdie pointed out that the press was not satisfied with his response to her. Rather, they published the news that she had filed for divorce in Sidon and published the petition of the lawsuit, which stipulated that: It is not valid to marry a Muslim who apostatized from Islam. Their natures and morals, their concepts of life were reversed and their relationship worsened, and it became good for them in terms of the idea of ​​marriage, and in principle on the other hand, this bond was dissolved.

Rushdie showed signs of astonishment and laughed, saying: The marriage did not last more than two weeks, so how do you reveal all of this that the surprise is the speed with which the case was considered, and the Sidon court issued a judgment in absentia for divorce, and news spread that I am asking her for a price of 100 thousand pounds for divorce A Lebanese woman, equivalent to 20 thousand Egyptian pounds, submitted a petition to appeal the judgment issued in absentia. The lawyer, Labib Moawad, indicated in the text of his petition that converting to Islam in Lebanon takes place by recording the incident, because Sabah did so in Cairo, and therefore she is before the Sidon Christian Court, and she did not surrender or apostate Moreover, the marriage took place by the court of Sidon, the same court that issued the divorce ruling, and the judge may not annul a marriage that issued a ruling on its validity, and Labib filed an obedience suit before the Cairo Court of Personal Status for Foreigners.

One day, lawyer Labib Moawad met the musician Muhammad Al-Mouji, who was working with Sabah at the time, and Labib Moawad asked him to meet with Sabah to end these disputes in a friendly manner. They settled on going to Rushdi Abaza’s father; Because his word is heard and Rushdie loves him very much, and he also loves Samia Gamal and that will make her happy – Rushdi Abaza was married to Sabah and Samia Gamal at the same time – and indeed they went to his home in Alexandria, obtained the reconciliation papers and sentenced Rushdi Abaza to sign the reconciliation, to submit it to the court Sidon and end the burning crisis between them in the courts.

After the problems between Rushdi Abaza and Sabah ended in the courts, he preferred to produce a new movie for her to end all the scattered conversations about their tense relationship, but some news indicated that this movie was in exchange for his divorce to her, and Samia Gamal revolted against his position, as she did not utter during his problem with Sabah and they did not discuss the matter, but I objected to Rushdi Abaza’s decision to produce a movie for Sabah, saying: The scandals that have occurred are enough for us, and the dark nights I lived through, I regurgitate my sorrows, and if I produce this film, I will ask for a divorce.

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