“They found him hanged with a rope taken from the club!”

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In January 1989, a first division footballer committed suicide in Galați a few months after defeating Juventus Turin (1-0) In Europe, however, the press of the time did not write a single line about the tragedy. Șurian Borali, right defender with over 100 matches in Division A, was 28 years old.

September 7, 1988. A beautiful autumn day on the Danube bank, in Galați, ends with a historic performance for Romanian football. Oţelul – a team coached by Cornel Dinu, but built by Ioan Sdrobiș – defeated Juventus Torino – the European champion only 3 years ago – in the first leg of round 1 of the UEFA Cup.

That afternoon, he was the right defender for the small Romanian team Șurian Borali, a 28-year-old player with over 100 matches in the first league. In front of him was Michael Laudrup, but the energetic footballer of Tatar origin did not make fun of the Danish star at the 1986 World Cup.

His style of play is described by Ioan Sdrobiș. Live on GSP Live, the former coach told an event from a championship game:

“How was Negrilă (no – the right defender of Craiova MaximaThis was Borali. He was a pure football player. That’s how the defenders were at the time. I was playing a match with Student Sports.

He was a right-back and had a direct opponent of Stanici, a very, very good winger. Stanici played on the opposite side, at Gelu Popescu. Gelu Popescu took it a bit and Stănici moved to Borali’s side. Borali slipped it, threw it in the slag, slid it a second time. And in the slag. Dust made it. The referee gives him a yellow card.

I asked him after the match: “Dude, what have you got to do with Stănici and throw him in the slag?” He says to me: «Dude, Uncle Nelule, did he come to me from Popescu ?! Does he think I’m worse than him ?! ». That was the attitude of a football player. He complained to Stanici ”.

Borali started his career in Constanța, making his debut for Farul in League 1 in 1977, during the relegation season.

His former colleague from Farul, Constantin Gache, remembers him: “He was an extraordinary boy, more sentimental. I only have good words and not just because he is no longer with us. It made me goosebumps when I remembered now. He was a good football player, intelligent, in his place, you were anointed with his heart “.

Returning to the first league with Farul in the 1981-1982 season, Borali started in 31 matches out of 34, then transferred to the Danube Galați with which he promoted a year later from Division B. In January 1987, he moved to the other team in the city. , Oţelul, with which he finished the 1987-1988 season on the 4th place after Steaua, Dinamo and Victoria.

Qualified in the European Cups, Steel played with Juventus. After the phenomenal victory in the tour, the team from Galaţi lost 5-0 to Torino and were eliminated.

He beat Juventus and then committed suicide out of love.  The tragic story of the Romanian footballer whose parents forbade his marriage:

Șurian Borali, shortly before the match with Juventus. A few months later, he committed suicide

At the end of that season, the team was relegated, but the right-back was no longer alive. On January 15, 1989, during the winter break, the football player committed suicide in his studio in the Țiglina neighborhood. The last person to see him alive was his teammate, Marius Stan.

The one who would become the future president of the club over the years then told his teammates what had happened the day before the tragedy: “I had been with him in the city. I saw him agitated on the bus and told him to come to me, to have a drink. He said he couldn’t, that he had a job. It never crossed my mind that he could ever do such a thing. “

Without the knowledge of the club, Borali was going through a severe depression.

Sdrobiș remembers: “He was a closed guy. You couldn’t undo it. Look, I remember a very painful thing now. He came to training with his head on the ground. I realized he had something on his mind. He would come in, train to break, play break, put his head on the ground, and go home. He was sitting alone in a studio. “

In the following days, his colleagues did not find Borali. Sdrobiș claims that he did not show up for training, but his memory plays tricks on him. The team was still in the competition break:

“One day he didn’t come to training, he didn’t come the next day. I asked the boys, “What’s the matter with me, Shuri?” They did not know. They went home, they rang the doorbell for about half an hour, no one answered. They pushed that magic eye with their finger and saw it fall off the chair and with the neck strap. “

Marius Stan and Gelu Popescu went home to Borali and, terrified, they found their colleague and friend hanging by the chandelier.

He beat Juventus and then committed suicide out of love.  The tragic story of the Romanian footballer whose parents forbade his marriage:

Sdrobiș tells: “It simply came to our notice then. He loved a girl from a Romanian family, asked her to marry him and she didn’t want to because of her parents. He went to her once more, even to work, asked her if she wanted to, but she refused. The parents opposed it, there was a war with them.

He came to the stadium, grabbed a rope and hanged himself. After learning of the misfortune, the poor shopkeeper came to me and said, ‘Professor, he took the rope from me. He said he needed them on the balcony, I don’t know what. “

Borali was a Muslim, his girlfriend was an Orthodox Christian. For parents, the marriage of children was forbidden.

Gache, Borali’s former colleague from Farul, says: “Borali was a Tartar, his family did not let him get married. I could have this problem too. I’m a machidon. We have discussions too, but I said to my father, “Dad, I’m getting married. I choose one for myself. If you want a wife for yourself, get married! ” It was easier for me because we were both Christians. “

36 goalsIn 34 stages he won the Borali Steel title in the 1987-1988 season. The team coached by Sdrobiș had the fifth best defense in Division A.

118 matchesand 3 goals has Șurian Borali in Division A, where he played for Farul Constanța, Dunărea Galați and Oţelul Galați

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