“They ruined my future, they tricked me!”

Article by Remus Dinu – Published Thursday, September 22, 2022, 7:50 p.m. / Updated Thursday, September 22, 2022 11:14 p.m.

Claudiu Stan (21 years old), central midfielder at Dinamo, who made his debut last year in the first team of the “dogs”, and this summer trained under Burcă, made the decision to give up his professional career prematurely, frustrated because of the hostile conditions he says he endured in “Stephen the Great”.

In a dialogue with Gazeta Sporturilor, Claudiu Stan highlighted the main grievances accumulated in recent months at Dinamo, bringing to the surface several representative episodes that deepened his depression at the team.

Stan, who will turn 21 on September 25, one of the promising youngsters produced in Dinamo’s nursery in recent years, he considers himself a victim of a well-grounded system of interests inside the clubreproaching the bosses that he was constantly ignored by the coaches and treated backwards by his own club.


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Claudiu Stan accuses: “They wanted to get to Săftica with 2,000 lei, and I spent 2,500 on transport”

“I did the summer training with them, only that they wanted me to reach Săftica with 2,000 lei (no – salary), and I spent 2,500 lei on transport and they didn’t want to help me. I wanted to give up the credit table, where I have four thousand euros, because I was 7-8 months in arrears!

But it’s good that League 5 players are brought in on salaries of 5,000 euros, much weaker. Plus, there are very big interests there!

I have matches at the national team (no – selected U19). I won the national final twice, I was declared the best player. I won over 25 trophies, including two national finals. I came out the best player in both, with a hat-trick in the first of them. That’s why Dinamo got where it is, because the best juniors from Dinamo were put aside.

We went four or five times to the club with the whole family, let’s tell them the situation, let’s tell them we can’t manage. And they told me to find myself elsewhere. But I’m sorry, they didn’t let me go,” confessed Claudiu Stan, exclusively for GSP.ro.

I live in Cernica commune. It is 50 kilometers to Săftica, 100 kilometers round trip.

– Claudiu Stan, Dinamo midfielder

Claudiu Stan: “When I was injured, I bore all the expenses myself”

“There are people who don’t want me well”, says Claudiu disillusioned, when asked by Gazeta what are the reasons why he is marginalized by the leadership of the “dogs”. Furthermore, the midfielder says he had to pay his own expenses when he injured his knee, even though his contract stated otherwise.

“Those there lost all their talented children, they lost them all!”.

Why was I treated like this? Because there are people in the staff who do not want my well-being. Not only to me, but to all talented children! They don’t think about the good of the players, they don’t want them to give results.

I no longer say that when I was injured, I had to bear all my expenses myself, even though the contract says it is their obligation. I spent five thousand lei for knee recovery, that’s because of the synthetic from the juniors!”

Claudiu Stan / Photo source: GSP

  • Claudiu Stan, in the friendly played by the red-whites this summer, in front of Concordia Chiajna / photo: GSP

“I went with the whole family to the drive, but they sent us away”

Claudiu Stan also tells that he went to the management’s office several times to get the “release” from the club, but each time he received only indifference and postponements.

“The management behaved very badly with us. We went to the club four or five times, but they sent us away. They said they don’t sit for talks, they told me they don’t let me go, though I told them that I can’t get to Săftica with 2,000 lei a monthwhich actually comes in once every two to three months.

At Dinamo, you have to have money to play! You don’t make money from football at Dinamo”.

I went with the whole family to tell them that we can’t handle it. But he didn’t care! And they don’t even want to let me see my way on.

I have a contract until 2025. Until then, I have to stop playing football. They told me that if I wanted to come, I should train myself at Săftica.

– Claudiu Stan, Dinamo midfielder

Claudiu Stan’s cry: “They ruined my future, they tricked me into signing 2,000 lei per month”

Stan continues his revelations about the ordeal experienced at Dinamo, confessing that he was constantly lied to by the people at the club, whom he accuses of “ruining his future”.

“There are many other players in my situation. There are about five or six of us this year. There have been more in the past. And so it will always be! Many don’t have the courage, but I had enough. I don’t play football to give money from myself!

I have nowhere to try to play anymore, because the people from Dinamo don’t want to terminate me! If I had a few thousand euros, maybe they would terminate me. But 2,000 lei per month means nothing to them! And they keep me like that, to make fun of them. Even though many players are below me. I always played a year above my age group, I was captain…

I had an offer from Sporting Lisbon 3 years ago and they didn’t want to let me go They ruined my future! They said they would take me to the first team, they tricked me into signing for 2,000 leithat I make an additional note.

But after two training sessions, they sent me to the second team without explanation, even though I had given a physical test and passed it in front of players who had more than 20,000 euros in salary. I had nothing to get to training, but I was “playing” with the foreign players.

I struggled since I was little. I was the best and not that I say it, the trophies say it! It’s frustrating to see other weaker players, who are in the same position as you, and you don’t play…And you don’t even have the chance to do it…”, concluded the footballer.

Since 2013, the year he arrived in the red-white court, Claudiu Stan has won two national championships, 7 championships in Bucharest and 15 other competitions in the country in Dinamo’s junior groups.

Claudiu Stan / Photo source: GSP

  • Claudiu Stan, on the right, after his debut at Dinamo / Photo source: GSP

If we made a team with the players that Dinamo gave up, we would play in League 1 casually. In juniors, we fought with those from Hagi every year for first place. How do you explain the fact that we did not reach the top and they did?

I’m not talking about FCSB, which has never beaten us! We were only winning 4-0, 5-0. There was no match where I didn’t score against FCSB or against Hagi. How can you find an explanation, when you were among the best all the time, but you didn’t get any chances at all?

– Claudiu Stan, Dinamo midfielder

Claudiu Stan made his debut in Dinamo’s first team at the end of 2021

Claudiu Stan was among the 53 players played by Dinamo in the season in which the team was relegated to the second league. Stan, a 20-year-old central midfielder, was used for 8 minutes by Mircea Rednic in a match with Farul in December 2021, lost by the red-whites 0-2.

Constantly included in Bonetti’s team in the first stages of the last championship, then debuted by Rednic, the kid was in 2022 one of the basic players at Dinamo II.

VIDEO Claudiu Stan and one of the successful goals in 2022 at Dinamo’s “satellite”.

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