They won 50-0, then were excluded from the Cup and caused a change in the rules of the championship + the reaction of the opponents

Article by Răzvan Luțac – Posted on Monday, 06 June 2022, 16:32 / Updated on Monday, 06 June 2022 18:25

Urban Titu won with Mătăsaru, score 50-0, in the championship of Dâmbovița county in U19 juniors and provoked the convening of the emergency committee of the AJF in the county.

UPDATE 18:15 // Opponents’ reaction to the hallucinatory score with which Urban Titu won

Ionuț Drăgănescu, the representative of Străjerii Târgoviște, the team that led in the standings, having a goal difference of 61 goals over the opponent’s:

“It’s difficult to comment on what happened there. No, I didn’t have a representative or any other source there during that time, having our junior match. I was shocked when I saw the score … even at such a level, it’s hard to imagine how a goal can be scored in about 90-100 seconds! Especially since the land in Mătăsaru is far from a pool table!

I have no way of making an appeal, I do not think there is a viable possibility in the regulation (s) to challenge a result of another team … On the other hand, I was only informed that AJF has notified itself of the result and as a result , took today’s decisions in the Emergency CEx. By the way, I am a member of CExUrg as a representative of League 4, but, “being involved”, I was not part of the discussions. I knew about the CExUrg meeting, but I saw the decision with its publication …

It will be very interesting (as far as I know, the meetings of the Discipline and Ethics Commission are not public) that will be established tomorrow. Regarding the AJF Cup, the second edition, the participation was by invitation, from the A1 junior championship being invited the occupants of the first 2 places. The decision to withdraw the invitation can only be commented on by the AJF (the person who made the invitation).

As a personal opinion, I would have preferred to play on the field with Urban Titu in the small final … maybe a way to see who is the best. But the AJF decided otherwise. Clubul Străjerii Târgoviște 1396 has not yet decided anything at this moment regarding a possible reaction following Saturday’s “match”, we are first waiting for a reaction from AJF following CDE “.

Initial news // They won 50-0, then were excluded from the Cup and caused the championship rules to change

The main tie-breaking criterion in the junior championship is the goal average. AJF Dâmbovița considers that “this game was suspected of violating the principles of integrity of matches and manipulating the result” and decided to exclude Urban Titu from the AJF Dâmbovița Cup and decide the champion by a tie between the first two ranked in the championship, in case equality of points.


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Titu is in second place, with 40 points in 14 matches and a goal average of 127-5. On the first place is the team of Târgoviște Guard, with 43 points in 15 matches and a goal average of 137-5.

Suspicious match in the U19 championship in Dâmbovița

Considering the situation in the county competition for U19 juniors where the equality between the first two ranked, Târgoviște Watch and Urban Titu, leads to a chase for astronomical results, as happened on Saturday 04.06.2022 at the game Progresul Mătăsaru – Urban Titu score 0- 50 (?!), Game suspected of violating the principles of match integrity and manipulating the result;

In order not to ridicule a competition that we want to be respected and approached with dignity;

To avoid embarrassing results, worthy of the negative side of the Record Book;

To give equal opportunities to all competitors and to be able to properly educate young footballers;

Decides by unanimous vote:

1. Withdraw the invitation of the Urban Titu – U19 team to participate in the AJF Dâmbovița Cup competition, thus, the game between Strârjerii Târgoviște U19 and Urban Titu U19, scheduled for Tuesday, June 7, will no longer be played;

2. The Regulations for the U19 County Junior Championships, 2021/2022 season, are amended, regarding the tie-breaking criteria, as follows:

a) If, after the last stage of the U19 Junior Regular Championship, the first two ranked teams will be tied for points in the final standings, given that only the return games took place this season, for their tie and to designate the U19 county champion team, the next criterion will no longer be the goal average, but a final will be organized between the two, on neutral ground (synthetic – Târgoviște Swimming Complex), on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, time 18.00;

b) If after 90 minutes the result will be equal, it will be passed to the execution of the tie-breaks, five for each team and if it will be the case, still one, alternately;

c) The winner of this game will be designated U19 county champion and will receive the county champion trophy;

3. The Discipline and Ethics Commission is instructed to analyze this case, in the extraordinary meeting of Tuesday 07.06.2022, at 16.00, at the association’s headquarters, where the presidents and coaches of the two clubs involved are summoned, as well as the entire referees’ brigade.

– AJF Dâmbovița press release

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