To succeed with your passion? Music and football as inspiration

The legendary Michael Jordan said that “the ups and downs are part of the game, but they should never come for lack of effort. Up or down, the effort must be maximum every night when you go out on the track. If you are up to stay there and if you are down to get out of there. This phrase largely reflects what pushed Jordan to struggle on the court on a daily basis. And it is that the effort, the capacity for sacrifice and the confidence in one’s own talent are inescapably linked to success in sport and art. We have many references to it.

Soccer players, for example. They already learn in the lower categories that to become a professional you have to dedicate hours. The LaLiga matches are proof of that perseverance and capacity for sacrifice. The same goes for other disciplines, including music. It is true that effort is not always synonymous with success, but what is certain is that the journey is always worth it. For this reason, Budweiser now wants to recognize the efforts of all those who do not give up, in football, music or any other discipline, and reward the sacrifice and perseverance of these dreamers.

The beer brand is once again committed to supporting innovative formats that at the same time serve to create spaces in which young artists can unleash their talent in any discipline of the so-called “urban culture” such as fashion, electronic music, hip-hop…

Argentine singer Lara91K


Precisely, to fulfill this purpose, they have just launched in Spain greatness is in your hands, a global initiative that seeks to encourage people to fulfill their dreams and they do so by giving a voice to creators from all over the world. A campaign that has its origin in a platform launched by the producer, composer, instrumentalist and director Anderson .Paak.

Your success story can be a stimulus to encourage other “dreamers to take advantage of the opportunities that life presents to turn their passion into greatness. To inspire them at all times, we want to bring them models who have fulfilled their dreams with perseverance and dedication”, says Todd Allen, Vice President of Global Marketing at Budweiser.

Brazilian rapper Xamã

Brazilian rapper Xamã


The idea is to invite creators from all over the world to be part of this global movement. Allen details that the process will be based on “a contest in which our fans from different parts of the world will be able to demonstrate their talent and passion,” he concludes.

Californian Anderson .Paak released Malibú in 2016, considered since then one of the reference albums of new urban music and since 2021 he has been working together with Bruno Mars, in a duo called Silk Sonic. In the video clip of Yours to Take has gathered the freestyler Sean Garnier, Brazilian rapper Xamã, Swedish fashion designer Julia Dang, Colombian graffiti artist Wanda Pot, Argentine singer Lara91K, Brazilian graphic artist Gabriel Massan and British drummer Louise Bartle.

In the video clip of greatness is in your hands Artists from different disciplines from all over the world who have achieved success thanks to their effort and desire to excel collaborate. They are true stories of creators who believed in what they did without caring what others told them. It is much more than a campaign; It is the vindication of urban culture in a real and direct way that transmits the message of an independent generation that fights for what it believes in and regardless of what others think and say.

With this initiative, Budweiser wants to once again show its support for all those urban culture leaders who have pursued their goals without giving up and invite everyone to celebrate the success of those who make an effort every day with a beer. To do this, it will organize BUDX, an event that will bring together creators and followers of the brand in Spain and that will include the participation, among others, of Recycled J, who will reveal a new theme exclusively to attendees.

British drummer Louise Bartle

British drummer Louise Bartle


However, and although it is very good to celebrate the triumph of talent, it is still better to promote it so that it can shine. That is why the campaign does not stop there and the beer brand will launch a series of activations through its social networks, both in Spain and worldwide, to give the opportunity to all the creators and followers of Budweiser who are part of this global platform that wants to inspire people to fulfill their dreams.

Success is not an unattainable fantasy or a gift that falls from the sky to a privileged few. Behind success there is always perseverance, renunciations and moments of doubt and reaffirmation. “This is the case of Séan Garnier, one of the international ambassadors of the campaign and a true inspiration for everyone, since his experience shows that, with work and confidence, you can go far while enjoying the journey”, recalls Mercedes. Valdés, director of the Budweiser brand in Spain. There is also room for joy, satisfaction with the result achieved and the desire to continue achieving success. Football and LaLiga have taught us this on several occasions, but this phenomenon is infinitely more global.

Oh my Goal!, the musical event of the year

LaLiga is, indeed, much more than football. It is also passion, entertainment, fun… and, of course, spectacle. The public is getting younger and more numerous: between 2018 and 2020, football fans between 16-24 years old increased by 7% in Spain. Music, due to its ability to cross borders just like football, is an ideal medium to connect with those younger fans.

With this objective was born Oh My Goal! LaLiga Music Experience, the first concert in Spain that brought together sport, music and entertainment and that for many is already the musical event of the year. A special event that was held on June 11 in Barcelona and served to mark the end of the LaLiga season. More than 23,000 people gathered at the RCDE Stadium to enjoy powerful artists such as Rauw Alejandro, Steve Aoki, Maria Becerra, Albert Neve, Juan Magán and Bizarrap, who offered more than five hours of pure entertainment.

The concert also had a social component, since during it it was possible to collaborate with the solidarity project that LaLiga is carrying out in the Za’atari refugee camp. The initiative uses football as a tool for social inclusion in order to improve the quality of life of refugee children and young people. LaLiga has opted for music this season to amplify the emotion of the competition through the slogan #PlayLaLigaSantander.

More than 23,000 people attended 'Oh My Goal!  LaLiga Music Experience', the first concert in Spain that brought together sport, music and entertainment

More than 23,000 people attended ‘Oh My Goal! LaLiga Music Experience’, the first concert in Spain that brought together sport, music and entertainment

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