Tom Cruise leads a military movie in difficult circumstances

As the Cannes Film Festival kicks off in its 75th session on Tuesday, the 17th of next month, the festival takes into account the great interest it has attached to a specific film that does not belong to the author’s cinema or to artistic experiences and methods, but rather to the cinema of public narrative on a higher and broader level. Domain.

The movie is Top Gun: Maverick, or as it can be called “Top Gun – 2”, which comes back to life on screens more than 30 years after the production of the first movie, “Top Gun” in 1986.

It was directed by Tony Scott and starring Tom Cruise and his wife (at the time) Nicole Kidman. Its topic revolved around the space knights, young military navigators, each of whom would like to prove that he is the best. Of course, the fact that Cruz is the most famous, that, in film, must mean that he is the best.

The new part is also military par excellence, as it revolves around the distinction of American fighters from their counterparts around the world in their sorties, movements, speed and flexibility. The F-A-18E Super Hornet was used in a plot about that pilot who returns after a long absence (the years between the two parts) to prove that he is still the number one air rider. His rivals are a skilled and well-prepared group of well-trained young men. They left the military school and are eager to fight battles, even if they are fake. While Tom Cruise has to prove his skill and superiority, they have to prove that he is too old to be a successful opponent.

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Tom Cruise, now 59, is much older than most of the stars working today. He’s older than Johnny Depp, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Tom Holland, Chris Pine, and Robert Downey Jr., but his years don’t show on his face. His ability to make dangerous physical movements is still in situations that cause him jealousy and envy from actors younger than him.

Most of them, such as Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pine, Tom Holland, Chris Evans, simply follow the instructions of VFX designers in front of the green screen and later integrate them into the “dangerous” scenes in which we see them. But Cruise, in his films, still flies planes himself, clings to a plane that takes off from the airport without needing a replacement, climbs the Sheikh Zayed skyscraper in Dubai and rides motorbikes at breakneck speed.

His serial films (such as Mission Impossible) do not fall under the influence of influences alone as most other series do. There is a physical and dramatic effort that mixes with what must be combined with effects. Thus, regardless of their directing value, they remain more communicative With the audience on an individual scale from the rest of the usual “superheroes”. Or so it should be, because Tom Cruise insists on acting and not only good looks. He didn’t produce the previous part of “Top Gun” but here he is all in all. “Top Gun: Maverick “”, directed by Joseph Kosinsky, is not an ordinary film, and its screening will prove that an accurate target was hit in the stadium of any competitor to the Cannes Festival. It is a film by actors and actresses who will flock to “Cannes”, led by Tom Cruise, where the proportion and volume of media participation in it is higher than any international festival. On the other hand, it is a military drama that comes out at the right time to take part in the dangerous security situation that Europe and the world are going through.

But we have to remember that the movie was not made to take part in any hot war. In fact, it was written in 2010, then rewritten two years later, and then rewritten in 2013 for a third time, then a fourth and final time in 2015 to enter filming in May 2018. This means that “Top Gun: Maverick” is not affected either closely or From afar, the Ukrainian crisis, all was quiet on the front. At the beginning of 2020, the film was completed, and its producers and the Cannes Festival agreed to screen it at last year’s edition, which was held in the seventh month of the year. But Paramount decided to postpone its shows because the Corona pandemic was still raging, and did not see that sacrificing the film in such circumstances was a right thing to do.

“Mission Impossible 7”: During filming

– Not a day less

This movie is not new to Tom Cruise. He also has “Mission: Impossible”, which he has accompanied since the first part in 1996 and is still working on it as a producer and actor, as the character player of a squad of those who carry out difficult missions, who no longer believes in the intelligence side that secures him the difficult tasks that he is asked to carry out.

Paramount is also the funder, and in the past few weeks it has approached Tom Cruise and the rest of the film’s producers with the decision to show the film in cinemas for six weeks before moving it to its online platform. But Cruz vehemently opposed this, which caused a crisis between the two parties.

Each party will deny that there is a crisis, but the problem has amounted to threatening to file a lawsuit against Paramount on the basis of a clause in the contract that clearly states that the film should enjoy three months of theater performances. And he said in a statement: “No day is less.”

This situation comes in the wake of the company’s concern that work will continue on both the seventh and eighth parts of this project. Both have so far been subjected to delays in implementation, and each delay raises the budget to a higher level than what Paramount had hoped for.

As for the seventh season, whose scenes were filmed in Spain, Italy, Abu Dhabi, Britain and Norway, the movie, which was expected to be shown last year, was moved to this year before it was postponed again. Now his offers are set to September 11 of next year 2023.

Delaying the seventh part also means delaying work on producing the eighth part, which will be the last part of this series. In fact, Paramount does not like to insist on Cruise, which is one of its most prominent commercial success titles, and it knows that the man is careful and meticulous in his work and does not want to exclude any stage of this work from his care. But she looks, with a second eye, at the bloated budget with concern.

But Cruz’s care and direct intervention in the work stages, being one of his producers and the first technical decision-maker as well, is not the only source of delay. While filming the movie in London in the winter of 2020, Cruz and its director, Christopher McGuire, contracted the “Covid” epidemic. Cruz recovered from it after three weeks, but his director entered a dangerous stage and was transferred to a London hospital until he recovered. Meanwhile, Paramount was keen to keep the matter confidential, despite the leakage of some news. However, in its internal correspondence with the film’s other parties, the company wondered why the two (director and actor) did not vaccinate in order to avoid danger. Then if it was Cruz’s (Scientology) church that banned its members from using the vaccine. Cruz knows the importance of his two new films, “Top Gun Maverick” for him, his fans, and the funding company. His desire that the Cannes Film Festival celebrate one of these two films soon is a hit that will enhance the scale of his success.


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