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Ankara – Proceeding from the love of reading and their awareness of the value and importance of science, a number of cleaners in the municipality of Cankaya in the Turkish capital (Ankara) established a huge library of books, most of which they found left next to garbage containers. Ankara has access to books and see their contents.

The cleaners gave their lives to their library, which they called “Norm-Altash Labor Library”, which contains more than 12,000 books in 17 different fields of science, culture, art and health, and they continue to develop their project despite the difficulty of their work and the lack of free time.

In addition to taking care of the library they established, the workers started a mobile library project, which they called “The Wandering Book” to roam the capital and its villages, and provide reading lovers the opportunity to view the content of the books in their library.

In the first 7 months of the library’s establishment, the workers collected about 4,200 books (Al-Jazeera)

Sharing books is the most important thing in the world

In a statement to Al Jazeera Net, the library’s human resources and administrative affairs officer, Sama Kashkaya, said that she has been working in the library since the first day of its establishment, and that she comes to her every day to supervise the placement and arrangement of books on the shelves.

And she added, “After I clean the books with my cadre here, we sort them into categories and put them on the shelves. In the first 7 months of establishing the library, we collected about 4,200 books.”

She called on everyone who has a book he has finished reading to send it to the workers’ library, indicating that sharing books and science and sharing knowledge is one of the most beautiful and lofty things in this world.

And she continued, “The visitors to the library are mostly school and university students. They come to us in delegations to see the content of the library, and we are not satisfied with receiving students, but we send our books to their schools, and until today we have established libraries in more than 40 schools, as well as the books we send to prisons.”

She pointed out that the idea of ​​establishing the library, which currently has more than 12,000 books on its shelves, was launched by Amir Ulu Artkin, the supervisor of an abandoned factory in which the library was founded.

She also pointed out that there are more than 50,000 books in the library’s warehouse, and that these books are periodically displayed in the library’s shelves, in addition to distributing some of them to schools in villages in order to provide an opportunity for students to read.

With the efforts of cleaners... a huge library shines a flag across the Turkish capital
The efforts of the cleaners express their interest in science and their appreciation for the value of the books and sciences contained within it (Al-Jazeera)

foundation stage

More than 4 years ago, a number of municipal workers decided to establish the first labor library after they collected a number of books that were thrown next to the garbage containers. They chose for this project an abandoned factory in the village of “Mohi” in the capital (Ankara) that was used to collect garbage.

After perseverance and hard work, the workers were able to collect about 4,000 books for their library, which was initially intended for janitors in Çangya municipality and their children. Thanks to the donations, the library has grown and the number of books in it has increased over time, and it is now open to the general public.

In a press statement, Amir Ulu Ertekin, the supervisor of the abandoned factory, said, “When we put the library shelves here, some of my fellow workers were saying: No one knows us and no one will care about our efforts, but I advised them and told them that this project has a bright future.”

Artkin (with special needs) stated that the library currently contains encyclopedias, novels, literary and historical books, and books on personal development, and that workers borrow books and spend their free time inside the library reading and playing chess, with the possibility for the workers’ children to benefit from the children’s book section that was established for them.

Referring to the donations to the library, Artkin said, “Thanks to social media and the local press, many donations began to be made to the library. We go and take donations from homes, and there are those who send donations from outside Ankara. Sometimes we pay the shipping costs and sometimes the donor takes care of that.”

With the efforts of cleaners... a huge library radiates a flag throughout the Turkish capital, Al Jazeera, Turkey
The library opens its doors to reading enthusiasts (Al-Jazeera)

proud of my workers

The efforts of the cleaners to establish the library and enrich it with various types of books were welcomed and admired by the mayor of Çanakkaya Municipality Albert Tashdelin, who confirmed – in a statement – that the efforts of the cleaners express their interest in science and their appreciation for the value of the books and sciences in it.

Chadlin praised the public awareness of the residents of the capital (Ankara), indicating that their donations of books to the library were of great value, and that these donations contributed to enriching the library with more books in various sciences.

And Chadlin continued – in his statement – saying, “I am proud of my fellow workers who not only cleaned our area, but also established a library, and then took measures to transfer books to those who were unable to come to it. This is a work that only a lover of books and keen on publishing can do. Science”.

With the efforts of cleaners... a huge library radiates a flag throughout the Turkish capital, Al Jazeera, Turkey
Workers chose an abandoned factory in the village of Mohi in the capital, Ankara, to implement the idea of ​​​​the library project (Al Jazeera)

The atmosphere of the library is comfortable

Dudu Yurt, who is continuing her doctoral studies at the Department of Film, Radio and Television at Hacı Bayramlei University in the capital Ankara, said that she visited the library after learning about its establishment from the media.

Yurt added to Al Jazeera Net, “The idea of ​​establishing the library is strange and interesting and prompted me to visit it. I came to it with my colleagues at the university, and we liked its organization from within.”

And she added, “The ambiance of the library is wonderful, and the place is spacious, and you can find various kinds of books inside, and as I wandered around the library, I remembered Victor Hugo’s saying in this regard: Building a library is as sacred as building a place of worship.” Enrich it with books.

With the efforts of cleaners... a huge library radiates a flag throughout the Turkish capital, Al Jazeera, Turkey
The facade of the huge library building, which is interesting in terms of its idea (the island)

music band

The janitors who founded the library workers and itinerant writers not only spread culture throughout Ankara and its villages, but also created a band out of cleaning supplies and machines they found in trash cans.

The workers called their band the “tank group”, and participated in official events such as May Day celebrations and the Labor Film Festival in Turkey, and received invitations to hold concerts in some European countries.