Two rescued horses now live like kings at El Santuario

From the streets to paradise. This is the story of Máximo and Doris, two equines that more than two years ago stopped being beasts of burden to become the pampered children, first of an animal rescuer, and then of a young married couple whose dream was to have horses for achieve what they call a connection with God, with the universe at its best.

A fairy tale with a happy ending that was not easy to achieve, that had its setbacks and was even in danger of being lost in the first attempt to improve their existence.

It all started with a woman full of light who no longer inhabits the coordinates of the Earth. Her name was María Isabel Calle, director of the Casa de las Narices Frías, an animal protection foundation with extensive experience in this task and well known in the municipality of Sabaneta.

“The two horses were part of the process of eradicating the cars that we overtook in the Valle de Aburrá. That was in 2019, María Isabel received them for adoption and gave them an excellent quality of life, but she had an underlying disease, then she caught covid-19 and about three months ago she lost the battle and died and the animals were left in risk”, reports the deputy Álvaro Múnera, who leads from the Assembly and in alliance with the Government the elimination of cargo cars in the department.

Before her death, María Isabel entrusted her husband with the fate of the animals, which in addition to the two equines included more than 150 dogs and cats. She was an accomplished and admired rescuer.

“But Mauricio (her husband), because of his work, told me that he was not going to be able to take care of Brisa y Trueno, as she had baptized them after their adoption, and asked me to help him deliver them to people who could take care of them. them and that they give them an excellent life, as María Isabel did, and which was one of her concerns before she died”, says Múnera.

The deputy, who for several periods in the Medellin Council championed the great advances of the city and the Aburrá in terms of animal welfare and defense, contacted his partners in the Metropolitan Area, another ally in these processes, and together they gave him institutional character in search of new adopters for horses. It was not going to be easy, but love is making possible what sometimes seems so complicated. And miracles happen.

Around the same time, Liseth Bustamante and Andrés González, a married couple living in Medellín, had just acquired a farm in a village in El Santuario (Eastern Antioquia), where they began to share their lives with four dogs, all rescued or saved from some misfortune or bad life. And the panorama began to clear.

Doris and Máximo are born

“Since I was little I always wanted to have a farm with many animals. Some learn to love them throughout life and others are born with it. And this is my case. So this year, when we already had the way to acquire the small farm, we decided that it was the opportunity to have horses”, says Liseth.

The dream belonged to both of them, her and her husband Andrés, with whom she has been together for 14 years. She, a zootechnics student, recalled that this process of replacing cars was progressing in the department and contacted Álvaro Múnera to help her with an adoption.

By chance, the deputy had just opened registrations for those who wanted to adopt Brisa and Thunder, and the panorama cleared up for Liseth and Andrés. Then came the easiest part, although apparently it was going to be the most difficult: build them paradise, the ideal place for the horses to enjoy their retirement stage.

Although they already had the farm, it was not yet suitable for large animals. And fewer horses, which require space and special conditions so that they feel free and with food always available.

“We asked Álvaro to wait for us for a few days while we prepared for them: long enough to build a house for them, set up drinking fountains and structure five paddocks so that they have a place to eat grass all the time. Thus, while they consume one, the grasses grow in the other spaces and they will never run out of food”, explains Liseth, whose first decision was to change their names.

Brisa, a white female who looks like snow moving between the green pastures and trees of the farm, was named Doris, in honor of a recently deceased aunt whom she describes as a being full of love who left a mark on her life. that will accompany her always. “My aunt was strong, she even overcame cancer, but at the time she was fragile and she got very sick, and more or less she is Brisa, perhaps because of what she suffered on the streets.”

Thunder, on the other hand, was renamed Máximo, because he saw him as portentous, strong and confident, like an emperor, and although Thunder’s name seemed beautiful to him, it was better to take it off because he noticed that the animal is afraid of those phenomena of nature. , which “make him nervous”.

Sharing with Doris and Máximo has meant changes in the lives of Andrés and Liseth. She, without a doubt, was enveloped in love and today she says she feels completely happy and does not want to leave the farm ever again.

“I study in Medellin but all the time I’m thinking about them, when I come I don’t want to leave anymore, seeing them play and run fills my existence, because they transmit peace to me and it’s my way of compensating for all the damage we do, it’s a way to ask mother earth for forgiveness”.

That is why she hugs them, invents their hairstyles and cuts and reads them poems when their looks inspire her: “I read them and I feel that they listen to me and understand me, when I play Bossa Nova, which is my favorite music, they start to snort and I feel the Connection”.

Andrés, an administrator by profession, describes the hugs to Doris and Máximo as very special moments in his life: “Hugging a horse is something wonderful, also dogs, whoever comes here cannot tell me to put them away or something like that, First, they are the ones who radiate energy, you feel it and so do they”, says Andrés.

He is transported when looking at them, he expresses that the vibe is so wonderful that he forgets about problems: “I don’t know how to describe it, but the best feeling is to get close, smell them and hug them, it’s the most one can feel from the universe”.

They, Máximo and Doris get together, then run and often play with the dogs. They are like children in a huge amusement park.