UEFA responds to GSP in case of email from FCSB supporters: “It’s a FALSE!”

GSP Article – Posted Friday, June 10, 2022, 2:26 PM / Updated Friday, June 10, 2022 4:00 PM

Association the star 1947 sent 8 questions to UEFA in order to clarify the identity war between FCSB and CSA the star. Today he presented a series of answers that he claims come from UEFA. GSP contacted the continental forum, which clarified the situation: that email is a fake!

Sources from UEFA told GSP.ro that the reply email submitted by FCSB fans is a fake.

UPDATE – CSA Steaua supporters dismantle the email presented by the 1947 Steaua Association:

AS47, the association that supports the Army Sports Club, presents a series of aspects according to which the answer received by the Steaua 1947 Association would be false:

  • The fact that “UEFA Media Relations” appears next to the sender’s name, followed by “Asociatia Steaua 1947”. The AS47 argument? “The e-mail address should have appeared next to UEFA Media Relations”, instead of the name of the Association;
  • The fact that the e-mail does not bear the signature of UEFA’s media and public relations department;
  • The fact that the entity Association Steaua 1947 LTD, the one that requested the answers and was registered in England, appears as dissolved from March 29, 2022.

The initial news

In an open letter to UEFA, the 1947 Steaua Association, which supports the idea that FCSB is the successor to Steaua, asked for clarification on 8 issues on this subject.

“FCSB is considered to be the same football sports entity with Steaua București”, it is shown in one of the answers that FCSB fans claim to come from the forum led by Aleksander Ceferin.

The fans also touched on the subject of the record, which UEFA would say “belongs to the sports activity in a continuous form. So, if another newly established sports activity were to claim a sports record from another uninterrupted sports activity, then the demand would be null and void ”.


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What UEFA would have answered, according to the Steaua 1947 Association: “FCSB is considered to be the same football sports entity with Steaua Bucharest”

Here are the 8 questions and answers presented by the FCSB Supporters Association:

  • Question: Why does UEFA consider the fact that FCSB (former FC Steaua București) is the company that continues the football activity by taking over the football team from Asociația Fotbal Club Steaua București?
    Answer: UEFA complies with and enforces the FIFA rules, in particular in the case of sporting events, as defined in the rules set out above. FCSB is considered to be the same football sports entity, with Steaua București, due to the observance of article 15, paragraph 4, of the FIFA regulations. Given that in both 1998 and 2003, all elements of identification under the FIFA rules were complied with, UEFA concludes that, following compliance with the rules, the actions are retroactive and in no way affect the identification of the same club.
  • Q: We are asking for an answer regarding the communiqué and the recommendations made to UEFA towards the Romanian Football Federation, and the Romanian Division A College from the 90’s regarding the privatization of the football teams that were under the tutelage of the ministries and implicitly the main reason for this. recommendations?
    R: In the early 1990s, UEFA sent recommendations to UEFA-affiliated associations and federations. The recommendations consist in respecting the financial and moral fair play on the part of the clubs owned entirely by the state, compared to the private clubs. The recommendations to UEFA-affiliated national associations and federations state that any club fully supported by a state ministry, should privatize its football sports activity and continue under the leadership of a private one.
  • Q: What are the consequences that would have followed the refusal, the privatization of teams regardless of the country?
    R: UEFA cannot oblige its affiliated national associations and federations to comply with the recommendations submitted as they are not supported by an article of law, but all recommendations have been applied and complied with by all UEFA affiliated associations and federations.
  • Q: Your opinion on the sports record. Is it a case that should be tried in a sports court or is it a case that can be tried in a civil court without finding the articles of law and the time limit contained in the civil code of procedure in that country?
    R: The right to a footballing record is established by the FIFA Disciplinary Commission (FDC), as well as the recognition of sporting successions.
  • Q: If a sports record is related to sports continuity and follows the team that made it or the record remains the old form of organization and implicitly the team gets a new record and a new history even if it continued its sports activity but under the leadership of another form of organization?
    R: According to the effect of the work judged in the case of the record by the FIFA Disciplinary Board, it belongs to the continuous sports activity that carries it out uninterruptedly and does not belong to some legal forms.
  • Q: How many football teams still exist in Europe today that belong to a ministry without going private and what are they?
    R: According to UEFA national associations and federations, today there is no football club that is entirely under the leadership of a state ministryall being reorganized as private legal entities.
  • Q: What are the ways in which one form of organization takes over the European coefficient from another form of organization?
    R: The transfer and transmission of a club membership fee is done by recognizing and complying with Article 15, paragraph 4, of the FIFA Rules, the Disciplinary Board (FDC) will check that the relevant requirements are met and otherwise the national associations and federations are notified which in turn are required to amend and update the coefficient data.
  • Q: How does UEFA define a sports record and whether a newly formed team can take over a record from another team that has never discontinued its sporting activity and continues to exist today?
    R: A football sports record belongs to the continuous sports activity. So, if another newly established sporting activity were to claim a sports record from another uninterrupted sporting activity, then the demand would be null and void.

4 lawsuits have been filed or are still pending between CSA Steaua and FCSB:

  • the first was finally won by the Ministry of National Defense, the one in which Gigi Becali was dispossessed of the Steaua brand;
  • Second, Becali wants to dispossess CSA of all its trademarks. In this case, the High Court of Cassation and Justice sent the case regarding the “Steaua” trademark back to the Bucharest Court of Appeal, and the trial will be retried;
  • the third has the verdict in the Appeal, also in favor of the Army, but not entirely, regarding Steaua’s record. The appeal to the HCCJ will be judged starting with November 3;
  • and in the 4th, Steaua demands compensation of 37 million euros from Becali, in order to cover the damage caused by the illegal use of the Steaua brand between 2003 and 2014. No final decision has been taken.


CSA Steaua Bucharest Awards (1947-1998):

  • 20 titles of champion in League 1
  • 19 Romanian Cups
  • 2 Supercup
  • 1 European Champions Cup
  • 1 European Super Cup

Palmares in the air: 1998-2003

  • 1 champion title
  • 1 Romanian Cup
  • 2 Supercup

FCSB Awards (2003-present):

  • 5 league titles in League 1
  • 3 Romanian Cups
  • 2 Supercup
  • 2 League Cups

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