“Uhrin did nothing, although he was considered the Messiah” + “There have been many strange things at Dinamo lately”

Article by Eduard Apostol – Posted on Thursday, 02 June 2022, 18:44 / Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2022 18:57

Mirko Ivanovski, 32, machine-gunned coach Dusan Uhrin and the people around the team. providing details inside the bandtrying to expose the players’ point of view for the historical demotion

Mirkowhat are you doing, continue with Dinamo or what will happen to you?

– I have a few offers from Romania, there are three teams from League 1 that want me, I want to stay so I don’t change the country, I know the championship, let’s see. Dynamo? I wanted to, but from what I talked to Răzvan Zăvăleanu, there will be no money at the club. Not even what they’ve been so far. The sponsors are leaving too, I read that there will be salaries of two thousand, three thousand. There are poor conditions at Dinamo, with the lands, with Săftica. I wanted to continue, but I see that Torje and Matei have probably left, and others, what can I do? These are not optimal conditions.


Why did Torje choose to go to the Lighthouse »Hagi, the key man:” What are you doing, do you want dwarf football? “

Mirko Ivanovski on Dinamo’s demotion: “Strange Things”

– How did you experience this historic demotion?

– Very angry. I don’t know why he got here. I played for Dinamo with my heart and soul, I cried at the last match. Such a great team to relegate … There were a lot of problems, it went wrong for 2-3 years. I think this demotion came as a natural thing. Honestly, what were the problems, we deserved to be demoted after this dark season. To change 60 players, 3-4-5 coaches, without money, was the normal thing. Many people wanted Dinamo downgraded!

– Many not from outside the club, do you mean those close to you or from the club?

– That’s how I understood, I don’t know if it’s true or not. I understood that the bankruptcy was wanted, it makes you think it would be true. I saw that it was said that Nicolae Badea would like to start again with Dinamo, from the fourth league, with zero debts, then to promote every year. There have been a lot of weird things at Dinamo lately.

“Dusan Uhrin did not work tactically, he did not speak, he did not know how to motivate”

– The team, the team, did you shoot to save Dinamo?

– Brother, the team was in the playoffs! I think all the players fired for Dinamo. And our opponents were saying, “How the hell are you so weak blah blah ?!” I know the training team inside was not a relegation team.

– Răzvan Zăvăleanu also said that Flavius ​​Stoican would have stayed better, there are players who say that the arrival of Dusan Uhrin did not produce the recovery. What do you think?

“Yes, Stoican had to stay!” Uhrin did nothing! I lost more with him. He didn’t work tactically, in training, he didn’t talk to the players, he didn’t know how to motivate them. Nothing! Stoican was to remain. We all wanted this, except DDB, from what I understood. All the players, absolutely all of them, about 35, and those who played and those who didn’t, loved Flavius, they were all happy with Stoican. And you see that Stoican caught all the hard matches at the beginning of the year, he was unlucky. I did better with him in the play-outs and at the dam.

– Why do you make these comparisons between coaches?

“Well, we didn’t know what we were playing!” Supporters believed that Uhrin would perform miracles, they believed that he was the Messiah. From what I understood, from what I read, Zăvăleanu and Mureșan did not want the change, but only DDB. Uhrin, since he came, said we were preparing the dam. And after each failure, he would say, “I don’t know, ask the players!” Really?! But, you, coach, what are you doing? What you did? He said in one, “Players, players.” He said: “The fans had a meeting with the players.” Well, where were you? From the first moment he arrived, Uhrin had 3-4-5 players that he did not change even if they evolved in one leg. Change him, brother, if he plays poorly! He only prepared 7-8 players for the dam, it was an uninspired choice.

“The masseuse and the doctor didn’t call for dinner”

– OK, but did the players show their interest until the end?

“Everyone, from what I’ve seen and felt.” Everyone set their heart on Dinamo. You could say that Filip was upset in January, he wanted to leave, but then he gave his all for Dinamo.

– There was also that dinner before the match in Cluj, after which the fans accused you of unclean things …

– From what we knew, that dinner was organized by Badea and Uhrin. We were told that the technical staff and the players are invited to the table. We also asked why, what do we have to pay Badea for our meal. Uhrin did not call the masseuse, the kineto and the doctor. Why? Nobody knows, only Uhrin can answer that question. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. I repeat, many strange things at Dinamo.

“Synthetic broke us”

– Do you see Dinamo returning to League 1 after this season?

– God help me! But it will be extremely difficult. The “Juventus case” many years ago was something else. You see, there were super footballers, world champions, left there. Without sponsors, without conditions, without money, without players, what can you do ?!

– What conditions did you have for the team?

– Very weak. Only in the last 2-3 months have we had good land. From December to February we trained only on synthetic. It breaks you! What the hell to play next ?! I told both the coaches and the leaders: “My brothers, if we continue on the synthetic, many injuries will come.” They replied, “Mirko, we’re trying to sell Sorescu or make money.” Those from Mogoșoaia, from Buftea did not give us the land without money. Logical. I told them we would have a lot of muscle injuries, unfortunately, that’s how it was. There were 12 injuries at one point during Stoican’s time. People need to know that they can’t point the finger at players, there have been many bad things at Dinamo.

“I was never afraid of the fans, they are top class. I had a good relationship with the fans, they asked me what was going on, I always told them my opinion and what it is. I have a contract for another month, I hope to receive the outstanding salaries, we see, if bankruptcy will not be reached ”
Mirko Ivanovski, Dinamo striker

“Uhrin said he was a big fan, the Messiah, when he lost, it was just the players’ fault. When we won, he said, ‘The tactics were good, what I did in practice.’ ! ”
Mirko Ivanovski, Dinamo striker

4goals and 3 assists Mirko collected in 27 matches for Dinamo

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