Under the sign of bad luck »George Buricea, the coach of HC Dobrogea Sud Constanța, talks about the problems he had during the season

Article by Ionuţ Coman – Posted on Thursday, 02 June 2022 18:37 / Updated on Thursday, 02 June 2022 19:00

George Buricea took HC Dobrogea Sud Constanța on the podium in the debut season as head coach, despite the obstacles encountered

Forced to step into the role of head coach just a few months after giving up his playing career, George Buricea had a terrible debut season.

The former international faced unforeseen situations, which called into question his dream of reaching the podium again with HC Dobrogea Sud Constanța. This time from the technical bench.

“It simply came to our notice then. It seemed like a negative force was still giving us these problems, but in the end we had to put an end to them. “ confesses the 42-year-old coach.

With the lot decimated

Unfortunately, Djordje Cirkovic was unable to finish the game after a misunderstanding between the home side’s goalie and center backs 82 minutes into the match.

Leaders of the National League in the winter, the people of Constanta lost their captain, Ionuț Nistor, and the field coordinator, Leon Raso, for the rest of the season, due to some serious injuries. Another shock, right winger Marko Buvinic, the only left-hander in the group on this position, decided to retire at just 27 years old.

They gritted their teeth, fired hard in training, but two weeks before the resumption of the championship, the basic players took COVID-19.

“It simply came to our notice then. I went into the locker room and told them from day one that my team would never die on its knees. We do our best on the field, we are serious and at the end we draw the line. When there were so few left, what other chance did I have? “reveals George Buricea.

George Buricea on the sidelines in one of the matches of his team PHOTO HC Dobrogea Sud

Troubled table

Despite the problems, the “Dolphins” played a sensational match with Dinamo Bucharest. And they had the victory in hand, but it slipped through their fingers. But not because of them. In the last minute, with a goal advance, they escaped on the counter Only a mistake by the technical staff stopped the scoreboard during the game. “And now I feel like screaming when I think the people at the table were wrong.” recognizes the coach from Constanta.

They rose from the ground and gathered success after success, but the fangs of misfortune appeared again. Two of the most important players, Zoran Nikolici and Irakli Chikovani, were injured before the final tournament of the Romanian Cup, hosted by Constanța.

And they played incompletely remade. Even so, they were on their way to the finals. Steaua Bucharest equalized in the last phase of the match, from a throw from 7 meters. Then they gave in to overtime. They retaliated in front of the fans with a victory over Minaur Baia Mare in the small final.

At the neck with the bronze medals, the people of Constanta still had a reason to be upset. At the end of the game, one of the most constant players, Alexandru Andrei, was seriously injured, suffering a ligament rupture that will keep him away from the field for 8 months.

Bronze again

The last stage gave them the chance to win silver medals, but they needed the game of results. They won in Timișoara and listened live, from the announcer of the hall, to the end of the other match that mattered. Minaur came back in the end and won in the fiefdom of Steaua, so they were satisfied with the last step of the podium.

They celebrated, as many as there were left, a handful of people, with a chorus of joy in the middle of the field. “If so much has happened to us for the bronze medals, then that’s how it was given to us. I thanked the boys for everything we did together. I have to be crazy, inhuman, think differently. “says George Buricea.

For him, the first season took him from agony to ecstasy. And it strengthened him for a career that he dreams of crowning with many gold medals. Just like he did as a player.

“I’m happy, but I wanted more!”

The coach from Constanța thanked his players for the superhuman effort made this season

– George, how was your first experience as head coach?
– I learned a lot in these 8 months, because I was put in some unique situations. And I had to find solutions. I have something to blame myself for. PSometimes I didn’t make the best decisions, even if the options were limited. I dissect everything and it takes me a long time, but this is my job and I do what I like.

– How hard was it to finish on the podium again?
– We had 9 players, plus those from the Academy. There were simply times when I had no one to play with! I thought that neither I nor the team deserved this to happen to us. I was never afraid. I said we made the team, we take it to the end. If I don’t get involved in this, then who?

– Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished this season?
– I am happy for the performances achieved, especially in these conditions, but I wanted more. I wanted the 2nd place in the championship and the final of the Romanian Cup. I feel like I lost them in my fingers, somewhat undeservedly.

Another family medal

George Buricea’s daughter, Sara, also won a bronze medal this season. With the Tomis Constanța Volleyball Academy, where she is a colleague of Laurențiu Toma’s daughter, at CN de hopes. In addition, she was named the player with the best attack in the final tournament (photo, with Laurențiu Lică). “

Under the sign of bad luck »George Buricea, the coach of HC Dobrogea Sud Constanța, talks about the problems he had during the season

On the same day, Sara and I got a tan. But the day before, in the decisive matches for the presence in the final, we both lost. We were a little upset, but I told him we were just getting started. She is still a child, and I am a beginner coach. He always has to get where he wants, to a strong team from abroad “, said the coach from Constanta

Supported by fans

Constanta fans have been with the team throughout the season, regardless of their place in the standings.

“It simply came to our notice thenDuring the HCM I learned how important it is for the fans to be able to identify to a large extent with the team, to be part of something special, with which to resonate emotionally. This process was redirected from the prosecutor’s office to them. It was the first thing I said to the boys when I was alone with them on the team, that I wanted them to do it the most. And now, after 8 months, I think we are on the right track and in the match with Dinamo at home I felt exactly that “.

2 bronze medalswon George Buricea at the debut on the technical bench, plus the Romanian Super Cup as second

“It’s wow what we have achieved, if we take into account how much other teams have invested! But it remains a bitter taste after everything that has happened, especially with regard to injuries. ” George Buricea

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