Unirea Constanța changes its name, logo and stadium

Unirea Constanța really becomes the “satellite” of FCSB, clear steps being taken after it was found out that it will remain in League 2, following the non-registration in the championship of the relegated teams from League 1 – Academica Clinceni and Gaz Metan Mediaș.

But, even if the team from Ilfov died, it seems an association between Unirea Constanța and Academica Clinceni, because the name and the place where the team from Constanța will carry out their activity coincide with those of the relegation from League 1.

Unirea Constanța changes its logo and name. He becomes FCSB A Clinceni and will play at Clinceni

Unirea Constanța resumed the preparations on Monday, June 27, coinciding or not the very day when the Romanian Football Federation announced that Academica Clinceni and Gaz Metan Mediaș do not register for the next League 2 championship. The meeting took place at the stadium in Clinceni , this being one of the few details provided by the seaside group.

The Romanian Football Federation officially announced today the settlement of the applications for granting the certificate for the participation in the 2nd League National Championship. Our team has met all the conditions for participation in the next season of the second league, along with 14 other clubs, to which will be added those promoted from the 3rd League. Two of the relegated teams from League 1, Academica Clinceni and Gaz Metan Mediaș are not on the list of teams that received certification, so two places were vacated in the second echelon.

In these conditions, according to the regulations, our team, Unirea Constanța, will play in the 2nd League next season, the other place will be occupied by Politehnica Timișoara“, Announced Unirea Constanța on the official website.

The future FCSB A Clinceni had several FCSB players at the meeting

There were not many details about the lot and other changes that I reported from the few pictures posted on the club’s Facebook account. From them it appears that, as I said, Unirea Constanța really becomes a “satellite” of FCSB, at the first training being present several footballers who are legitimate at the vice-champion of Romania, but who played, especially at FCSB 2 or to other teams on loan. Among them are Ștefan Cană and Ovidiu Horșia.

An even more interesting detail that strengthens the idea is the change of logo, but also the change of name. Unirea Constanța is taking the necessary steps to be able to be named, more recently, FCSB A Clinceni.

As for the logo, it consists of an “A” past the center of an eight-pointed star, above which is written FCSB and below Clinceni. During training, the players were equipped with white and blue T-shirts and shorts, a combination that Unirea Constanța also had last season in League 2.

Officials of the new entity are probably waiting for FRF acceptance for the planned changes this summer

The lack of information by Unirea Constanța can be explained by the fact that an official decision is expected from the Romanian Football Federation, regarding the change of name, logo and place where the club will operate.

Regarding Monday’s reunion, the group was coordinated by John Ene, one of the most vocal people in the Academica Clinceni club last season, when the team started to lose more and more points due to financial problems and leading to the dissolution.

He was named “principal” at the Clinceni team and considered the “home coach” of the team.

The first training of Unirii Constanța, coordinated by the “home coach” of Clinceni Academy, John Ene

This means that the new entity will not bet on Leonard Strizu next season of League 2, a coach who could not keep Unirea Constanța in the second division. But it is questionable to keep John Ene in the role of head coach. Maybe FCSB A Clinceni will appoint a “technician” with more experience.

To a large extent, Vasile Geambazi, the man who led Unirea Constanța, is also involved in FCSB A Clinceni. Since May ProSport and Liga2.ro they announced the businessman’s intentions, namely that he wants to move the club from the seaside to Clinceni. An argument that supports the hypothesis is, obviously, the name of the new project, but also the way the group is formed.

The goal for this season is to stay in League 2, definitely. We want to cross FC Braşov and save ourselves at the dam. No matter what happens, I will not give up this team. I want to merge with FCSB 2 from next season, to be a single team.

If I hadn’t gotten involved, this team was already gone. The team is financially clean, I have no reason to give it up. We have reduced the budget from 60,000 euros to 20,000 euros per month”, Announced Vasile Geambazi before finding out the information regarding the desire to acquire the base from Clinceni, in March.

The history of the Unirea Constanța club

SSC Farul Constanța, a project launched by Farului supporters, became FC Farul Constanța, after being taken over by Ciprian Marica, then transformed into Unirea Constanța, when the former international took his brand and associated with Gheorghe Hagi at Viitorul Constanța.

The new Unirea Constanța, based in Mamaia, was initially led by the Nuredin family, dreamed of playing in Mangalia, but played its home matches in Techirghiol and then moved, with the approval of FRF, to the national base in Buftea, in Ilfov. Meanwhile, the Nuredin family gave the team to Vasile Geambazi, nephew of the FCSB owner, Gigi Becali.

Now, Unirea Constanța has moved to another locality from Ilfov, to Clinceni, and is preparing to become FCSB A Clinceni. The ways of the Lord are confused.

Photo: Octavian Cocoloș / Sport Pictures