Video | FC Argeş – Volunteers 0-1. Ilfov are in the Cup final, after scoring from the penalty spot, and Pitesti missed one

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FC Argeș – FC Voluntari 0-1. Ilfov are in the Cup final, after winning the round match with -2-0

The match started on the occasion of Argeș, but Ionuț Șerban’s shot was blocked by Popa. The volunteer replied through Briceag, but Greab was on duty.

In the 33rd minute, the whole stadium got a terrible scare after Joao Miguel and Marcelo Lopes collided, and two ambulances entered the lawn. Eventually, the two escaped without being taken to hospital, but Joao Miguel was replaced.

Until the break, both teams continued to shoot from a distance, but neither Briceag, nor Șerban and Tofan were successful. The second half started in force, with Șerban’s shot, followed by Cristi Dumitru’s scissors in the same phase.

FC Argeș – FC Voluntari 0-1. Pitesti missed a penalty, and Ilfov scored from the penalty spot

Argeșul were given a gift! The ref dubiously awarded them a penalty 49 minutes into the match, which was neatly put away by Șerban. The volunteer also tried his luck in fixed phases, when Nemec’s header was saved by the goalkeeper.

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Forced to force, the people of Argeș also tried deceptive executions, but the goalkeeper took Tofan’s cross-center from under the crossbar.

The same Tofan had another huge opportunity, but sent over the goal from less than 2 meters.

FC Argeș – FC Voluntari 0-1. In the final, Ilfov will meet the winner between the University of Craiova and Sepsi.

Dumitru couldn’t beat Popa either, with a return shot from the box. In the end, the Volunteer received a penalty, when Boldor was eliminated for the duel with Helder Tavares.

Achim certainly converted the shot from 11 meters and set the final score. The last event was the elimination of Vadim Rață, who was on the bench and will thus miss the match with FCSB, from the championship.

In the Cup final, Voluntari will meet the winner between the University of Craiova and Sepsi. In the tour, the team from Covasna won 2-1.

VIDEO with the summary of the match FC Argeș – FC Voluntari 0-1:

LIVE VIDEO FC Argeş – Volunteers 0-1. The Ilvovans qualified for the Cup final

Min. 86: Vadim Rață (FC Voluntari), on the bench, receives the second yellow card, after receiving another one in the 4th minute.

Min. 85: Volunteer goal. Achim is sure to convert the penalty.

Min. 83: Penalty for FC Voluntari, after Boldor pulls Helder Tavares by the shirt. Boldor is removed.

Min. 69: Occasion FC Argeș. Tănase crosses for Dumitru, who shoots from the return, but catches Popa.

Min. 66: Occasion FC Argeș. Latovlevici crosses from the left, Tofan appears in the box, but shoots over the near post.

Min. 64: Occasion FC Argeș. Tofan sends a cross into the box, but the keeper saves it

Min. 55: Opportunity Volunteers. Duck crosses from the free-kick, Nemec heads the ball back and forth, but the keeper saves it.

Min. 51: Penalty missed by FC Argeș. Serban shoots from the edge of the box, but the keeper saves it

Min. 49: Penalty for Argeș. Dumitru falls into a duel with Ciobotariu.

Min. 46: Argeș opportunity. Șerban dribbles past Briceag, shoots from the edge of the box, but the goalkeeper punches to Cristi Dumitru, who resumes from the scissors, but near the goal.

Min. 45 + 5: At the break, FC Argeș – FC Voluntari 0-0.

Min. 45 + 2: Occasion FC Argeș. Tofan shoots from outside the box, but the keeper saves it

Min. 45 + 1: Occasion FC Argeș. Șerban shoots hard from outside the box but the ball goes wide.

Min. 41: Opportunity Volunteers. Briceag shoots hard from the edge of the box, but the keeper saves it.

Min. 33: After a long tussle with the defender, Joao Miguel finally tucked the ball home. The commenters’ reaction was eloquent: “There’s a crack!” The replays show that the two collide knee to knee, left of Joao Miguel, with the right of Marcelo Lopes, but the contact was very strong. Joao Miguel gives his place to Boldor. The match resumed after 5 minutes.

Min. 14: Oasis Volunteers. Briceag shoots hard from a distance, but Greab holds on for two strokes.

Min. 11: Occasion FC Argeș. Ionuț Șerban shoots from outside the box, but Popa rejects it spectacularly.

Min. 1: The match begins.

FC Argeș: Greab – Tofan, Joao Miguel, Turda, Latovlevici – Raynov, Meza Colli – Dumitru, Tănase, Șerban – Ganea
Coach: Andrei Prepeliță

FC Volunteers: Popa – Ciobotariu, Tamaș, Armaș, Briceag – Droppa, Ion Gheorghe, Rață – Ricardinho, Nemec, Marcelo Lopes
Coach: Liviu Ciobotariu

Initial news:

FC Argeş – Volunteers, Live Video 19:30, Digi Sport 1. Pitesti people go through a dark period

In the round match, Voluntari got it 2-0 victory in very, very special conditions and a aroused the anger of the guests. At one point it was raining so hard at Voluntari that the match looked like anything but football.

But it was played until the end, and the hosts on the outskirts of Bucharest got a victory that now gives them the first chance to qualify for the final of the competition. The goals of the winning team were scored by Raţă (min. 18) and Armaş (min. 29).

Andrei Prepeliţă’s Pitesti residents are not in their best period. After qualifying for the League 1 play-off, the team did not look like the one in the championship. In the last three stages, for example, the team from Argeş did not manage to win even one point, they did not score any goal and they received 14!

After all that has happened in the last stages, not many people believe in our chance. But we must believe and fight“said Quail.

If Pitesti were to reach the Cup final, it would be the second time in their history. The same would be in the case of Voluntariul, who, however, won the trophy in 2017, with Claudiu Niculescu on the bench, the year in which he also won the Romanian Super Cup.

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Volunteers is aiming for the third trophy in its history. FC Argeş-Voluntari, tonight, 19:30, Live Video Digi Sport 1

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. It’s much more interesting to play in the playoffs, for fourth place, and in the Cup semifinal“, said Liviu Ciobotariu, the coach of the Volunteer.

In the other semifinal of the Romanian Cup, the University of Craiova and Sepsi Sf. Gheorghe will face off. The tour match is over 2-1 for the hoststhrough the goals scored by Ştefănescu (min. 14) and Golofca (min. 87), respectively Ivan (min. 54, from 11 m).

The match will take place on Thursday, also at 19:30, live on Digi Sport 1, on the Digi Sport application and on the website.

The Romanian Cup final will take place on Thursday, May 19, at the Giuleşti stadium, live at Digi Sport.

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