Video | Italy – Argentina 0-3. The South Americans shone, with Lionel Messi in great form

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The goals of the South Americans were scored by Lautaro Martinez (min. 28), Angel Di Maria (min. 45 + 1) and Paulo Dybala (90 + 4).

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Even if the match started in a certain domination of the Italians, very dangerous on the counterattack game, Argentina tightened the ranks, closed the spaces, practiced a better possession and put total control on the game.

The end of the half found them with an advance of two goals on the table, but the difference was made, each time, by the individual super-class of Lionel Scaloni’s players. At the first goal, Messi gets rid of Di Lorenzo in a key area and passes decisively to Martinez, and at the second goal, Martinez sees a brilliant pass to Di Maria, and the former PSG player also has an execution of effect – a staircase next to his former colleague from Paris, Gianluigi Donnarumma.

In the second act, the score could have been much higher in favor of Argentina. One by one, Di Maria, Lionel Messi and Lo Celso missed huge opportunities.

Lionel Messi was the man who showed a desire to play as I have rarely seen in the last year. He recalled his heyday, when he had no opponent on the field. He recovered, he passed, he dribbled, he shot. The only thing he missed was the goal

The last goal was scored by Paulo Dybala, also free of contract at this moment, who had entered only two minutes. He received a simple pass from Messi and defeated Donnarumma with a long corner kick.

VIDEO: Summary Italy – Argentina 0-3

Italy – Argentina 0-3 (Martinez 28, Di Maria 45 + 1, Dybala 90 + 4)

Min. 90 + 5: End of the game!

Min. 90 + 4: GOOOAAAL – Argentina! Lionel Messi shoots from distance, but it will take something special to beat Donnarumma who gathers it with ease.

Min. 69: Again, Lionel Messi !!! Paris Saint-Germain striker puts his colleague from France, Gigio Donnarumma, to work.

Min. 67: Lionel Messi shoots from the edge of the box, but the crossbar is well blocked by Donnarumma.

Min. 65: Lionel Messi tries a through ball, but Donnaruma is caught offside.

Min. 64: Messi crosses the ball from the right, Martinez passes the ball in front of the goal, the ball reaches Lo Celso, but he fails to catch the goal from an angle.

Min. 62: Again, great chance for Argentina! Di Maria crosses, and Di Maria catches an excellent volley, rejected on the side by Donnarumma.

Min. 60: Huge opportunity for Argentina! Di Maria makes a bid to take the lead as a ball coming in on the right hand side left Donnarumma completely alone with keeper Donnarumma, who made a spectacular block.

Min. 46: The second half has begun!

Min. 45 + 2: Pause!

Min. 45 + 1: GOOOLLL Argentina! Lautaro Martinez passes the ball in the box, but it’s intercepted by an opponent player.

Min. 28: GOOOLLL Argentina! Leo Messi enters the left flank, crosses in front of the goal, and Lautaro Martinez resumes in Gianluigi Donnarumma’s goal.

Min. 21: Belotti nods well, but Martinez is fast! A new alarm signal for the South American gate.

Min. 12: Good luck for Italy! The scorer was Emiliano Martinez.

Min. 1: The game has started!

Starting teams:

Italy: Donnarumma – Di Lorenzo, Chiellini (Lazzari 46), Bonucci, Emerson (Bastoni 77) – Jorginho, Pessina (Spinazzola 62), Barella – Bernardeschi (Locatelli 46), Raspadori, Belotti (Scamacca 46).
reserves: Cragno, Meret – Acerbi, Cristante, Florenzi, Pellegrini, Politano.
coach: Roberto Mancini.

Argentine: Martinez – Romero (Pezella 84), Molina, Otamendi, Tagliafico – Rodriguez, de Paul (Palacios 76), Lo Celso (Dybala 90 + 1) – Messi, Martinez (Alvarez 84), Di Maria (N.Gonzalez 90 + 1) .
Reservations: Rulli, Armani – Acuna, Foyth, Mac Allister, Lisandro Martinez, Papu Gomez.
Selector: Lionel Scaloni.

Referee: Piero Maza (Chile)
Stadium: Wembley in London.

“Finalissima” 2022 will be the third edition in the history of the CONMEBOL-UEFA Champions Cup. The match will be played between the winners of the last South American and European champions.

This competition started under the name “Artemio Franchi” and took place twice: the first time in 1985, between France and Uruguay (2-0), and the second time in 1993, between Argentina and Denmark, after the victory of the “on penalties.

Tonight’s match will take place on a neutral arena, so the event will be played at Wembley. “Finalissima” 2022 will take place according to a special regulation, so that if the result is a tie at the end of the 90 minutes, it will go directly to the execution of the tiebreaks.

Italy – Argentina, Live Video, 21:45, Digi Sport 1, in “Finalissima” 2022. Probable teams

Italy: Donnarumma – Di Lorenzo, Bonucci, Chiellini, Emerson – Barella, Jorginho, Verratti – Bernardeschi, Scamacca, Insigne.
Trainer: Roberto Mancini

Argentine: E. Martinez – Foyth, Romero, Otamendi, Acuna – De Paul, Rodriguez, Lo Celso – Messi, L. Martinez, Di Maria
Trainer: Lionel Scaloni

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