Video | Progress Spartac – Dinamo 0-1. Debut with the right for “dogs” in League 2

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Debut with right for Dinamo in League 2

The start of the 2nd League, the 2022/2023 edition, was the match between Progresul Spartac and Dinamo, played in Clinceni.

The match started with momentum for the hosts, but they quickly used up their energy and showed their limits. The dogs opened the scoring in the 27th minute, through the 17-year-old Antonio Bordușanu, who took advantage of a big error by the players from the Progresul Spartac defense.

The first half brought two more good chances for Dinamo, who seemed to be the better team.

The second half was a battle, with neither team looking like they were in good shape physically.

The hosts tried but couldn’t, the guests were satisfied with the score on the table, and despite the end of the game with a man down, the “dogs” prevailed 1-0.

VIDEO SUMMARY Progresul Spartac – Dinamo 0-1

Progress Spartac – Dinamo 0-1


Min 87 Andrei Grigore shoots from the edge of the box, just over Oncescu’s goal.

Min 77 Costin Amzăr sees the second yellow card and is sent off.

Min 67 Promising action by the hosts, who take the ball to the edge of the box, but Petcu shoots very poorly.

Min 46 The second part has begun!


Min 45 Buhăescu reaches an excellent cross from the left, restarts with a header, just wide of the goal.

Min 31 Dinamo chance! Amzăr receives a pass from Lazăr, and from a lateral position, prefers the shot instead of a cross and is blocked.

Min 27 Gooooool Dinamo! Bordușanu takes advantage of a deep pass, a defender from Progresul falls, the referee doesn’t react, and the guest footballer passes the goalkeeper and scores.

Min 26 Good opportunity for Progress. Luca Florică shoots from the edge of the box, but the ball goes past the goal of the “dogs”.

Min 8 The first dangerous phase of the game! Oncescu makes a mistake, Tudorache steals the ball from him, but the young 17-year-old goalkeeper comes back and corrects his mistake.

Min 1 The game has started!

  • Spartacus XI Progression: M. Ciontoș – M. Şandru, N. Leafu, E. Radu, D. Parfeon – E. Lixandru, A. Grigore – L. Boiangiu, A. Dițu, L. Florică – I. Tudorache
  • Reserves: V. Mărgărit, M. Dumitru, G. Petcu, A. Purice, N. Tong, V. Alexandrescu. M. Andrei, I. Costea, U. Bardot
  • Coach: Andrei Erimia
  • Dinamo XI: D. Oncescu – G. Moura, D. Țone, D. Giafer, C. Amzăr – N. Roșu, A. Dudea – A. Bordușanu, A. Bani, V. Lazăr – V. Buhăescu
  • Reserves: Sh. Fara, A. Buleica, G. Crețu, Y. Cune, I. Roșu, C. Ionescu, I. Bobea, A. Florescu, M. Dragomir
  • Coach: Ovidiu Burcă

Original news:

Progresul Spartac – Dinamo, LIVE VIDEO, 17:00, Digi Sport 1. The group from Ștefan cel Mare, at the debut in League 2

Dinamo Bucharest debuts in League 2, the 2022-2023 edition, away, against the Progresul Spartac team from the capital, after the draw at the headquarters of the Romanian Football Federation (FRF).

The “Dogs” managed to build a competitive team with the arrival of the new special administrator, Vlad Iacob, who replaced Iuliu Mureșan, “sharer” in the disastrous last season that led to relegation to the second tier.

The start of the training games was one with poor results for Dinamo, which was defeated by FCSB 2 Academica Clinceni, Unirea Slobozia and Concordia Chiajna.

However, after the arrival of Ovidiu Burcă, who replaced the tandem formed by Iulian Mihăescu and Ionel Augustin, the “dogs” started to win.

Dinamo tied 3 wins in a row, with CSO Plopeni, Popești Leordeni and CS Tunari, and are preparing for the debut of the 2nd League with confidence.

After the latest transfers and the footballers used in friendlies, this could be Dinamo’s first 11 for the first match in the club’s history in League 2.

  • Dinamo vs Progresul Spartac: Oncescu – Moura, Giafer, Dudea, Amzăr – I. Roșu, N. Roșu – Bordușanu, A. Bani, V. Lazăr – Buhăescu

For Ovidiu Burcă there would be other solutions, experienced players such as Cătălin Șîră, Alexandru Pop, Alin Buleica, Geani Crețu or Dani Iglesias will most likely be on the bench.

The coach of Progresul Spartac is not afraid of Dinamo, before the direct match

Andrei Erimia, the coach of Progresul Spartac, gave an exclusive interview to Digi Sport, before the match with Dinamo, which will represent the debut in League 2 for both the red-whites and the blue-blues.

“It’s true that it’s a match between a newly-promoted and a newly-relegated team. I hope they talk about us more after the game, because that would mean we did a good one, which is what we all want.

It is our debut in League 2 and it will be a show, because we are playing with Dinamo. We did our best to have spectators in the stands and I hope there will be as many as possible, regardless of which team they support.

Not (not if a possible triumph with Dinamo would be a surprise). I’m sure what we’re doing, with this young team we’ve managed to beat much more qualified teams than us.

Of course, Dinamo is the big favorite, but we have our chance. Even the promotion came from the position of outsiders”declared Erimia.

The complete program of the first stage of League 2

League 2, stage 1, season 2022-2023

  • PROGRESUL SPARTAC – SC DINAMO 1948. Digi Sport 1, 17:00, Thursday.
  • UNIREA SLOBOZIA – BAIA MARE MINAUR. Digi Sport 1, 17:00, Friday.
  • CSC ŞELIMBAR – FC BRAŞOV. 11:00 a.m. Saturday
  • CONCORDIA CHIAJNA – CSM SLATINA. 11:00 a.m. Saturday
  • GLORIA BUZĂU – RIPENSIA TIMISOARA. 11:00 a.m. Saturday
  • GALAțI STEEL – IAŞI POLYTECHNIC. Digi Sport 1, 11.30am, Saturday.
  • CSA STEAUA – METALOGLOBUS. Digi Sport 1, 8.30pm, Tuesday.

League 2 standings

Liga 2 standings / Photo: Flashscore

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