Video | Viborg – Minaur Baia Mare 28-24, in the EHF European League Final Four. The Romanians miss the qualification in the final

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In the second semifinal, the German team Bietigheim beat other Danes, from Herning-Ikast, score 34-33 (14-12). So, Bietigheim will play in the final of the competition against Viborg, on Sunday, May 15.

On the other hand, Minaur Baia Mare will play for the bronze medals against the Danes from Herning-Ikast, also on Sunday, May 15, from 17:00

Viborg – Minaur Baia Mare 28-24 (16-13)

The match between Viborg and Minaur Baia Mare started as bad as possible for the team coached by Raul Fotonea. After the first 10 minutes of the game, the Danes had an incredible difference on the table, of seven goals, score 9-2.

The Romanian coach took the blame and requested in just 10 minutes two time-outs, which turned out to be totally inspired. Players from Minaur started to play better and better, and from -7, they reached -2, close to the break. However, the final whistle of the half found the Danes three lengths ahead.

In the second act, the balance persisted for the first 5 minutes, then the Danes stepped on the accelerator again. They quickly reached 6 goals ahead, score 22-16, and from that point everything became impossible for Minaur.

The Romanians played very well, they showed that they can play high quality handball, but there were some psychological moments that made the difference: such as the two shots from 7 meters missed, the countless shots on the counterattack missed or the chances of 1 vs . 1 with the opponent’s goalkeeper wasted.

Minaur’s top scorer was Cristina Laslo, with 7 goals. On the other hand, Line Heugsted also scored 7 goals.

Min. 60: Final whistle. Viborg – Minaur Baia Mare 28-24.

Min. 59: Viborg – Minaur 28-24. Băimărencele scores the last goal of the match.

Min. 55: Viborg – Minaur 26-21. Lavko scores his second goal for Minaur.

Min. 52: Viborg – Minaur 26-20. Dahl also scores.

Min. 48: Viborg – Minaur 24-20. Fujita scores again for Baia Mare.

Min. 44: Viborg – Minaur 22-18. Jakob Vestergaard was shown a yellow card after 7 minutes for slicing down an opponent.

Min. 44: Viborg – Minaur 22-17. Fujita reduces disability

Min. 42: Viborg – Minaur 22-16. The Danes are again on the table.

Min. 40: Viborg – Minaur 18-16. Haugsted shoots straight at the Danish.

Min. 36: Viborg – Minaur 16-14. Andreea Popa scores the first goal of the second half.

Break: Viborg – Minaur 16-13. Romanian women stay in the match!

Min. 27: Viborg- Minaur 15-12. Nice goal from Fujita, for Minaur, from the far right.

Min. 23: Viborg – Minaur 13-9. Superb goal scored by the Romanians. Angela Cioca did a good job of making a difference.

Min. 21: Viborg – Minaur 13-8. Kristina Jorgensen sends a “bomb” under the bar of the Baia Mare goalkeeper.

Min. 18: Viborg – Minaur 11-7. Tanasie scores from an impossible angle.

Min. 14: Viborg – Minaur 11-6. Bianca Țîrle scores from the semicircle.

Min. 14: Viborg – Minaur 11-5. In the second phase, Frandsen defeats Cristina Enache.

Min. 11: Viborg – Minaur 9-4. Goal scored by Tănasie.

Min. 10: Time-out again for Raul Fotonea’s band.

Min. 9: Viborg – Minaur 9-2. The Danes are unleashed.

Min. 9: Viborg – Minaur 8-2. Jorgensen rises up and the score increases.

Min. 6: Viborg – Minaur 6-2. Again, Viborg strikes a decisive counterattack.

Min. 3: Viborg – Minaur 3-1. Goal Laslo. The Romanian women score immediately after the time-out.

Min. 3: Viborg – Minaur 3-0. The Danes lead 3-0. Very good game on the counterattack. Time-out requested by Minaur Baia Mare.

Min. 1: The game has started!

Minaur Baia Mare is facing an extremely important match. The Romanians will meet Viborg, in a match that counts for the Final Four of the European League. The athletes from Baia Mare will perform for the second consecutive year in this competition. Last year, Minaur finished third.

This season, Minaur finished second in Group B, under leader Biethingeim (Germany), but ahead of Nantes (France) and Zagleblie (Poland). After that, the Romanian athletes have passed Sola (Norway) and is the only team that finished second in the hierarchy and managed to prevail in front of a group winner.

On the other hand, Viborg finished on the first position in group D. The Danes dueled with teams such as Râmnicu Vâlcea (Romania), Chambray Touraine (France) and Vaci (Hungary). In the previous phase of the competition, Viborg passed Storhamar (Norway).

Viborg has three Champions League trophies, plus other continental titles, and is currently coached by coach Jacob Vestergaard, a coach who has coached Oltchim and CSM Bucharest over time.

  • The other two teams qualifying for the Final Four are Bietigheim (Germany) and Herning-Ikast (Denmark).

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