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On a night like any other, married couple Julie Thornton Johnson and her husband went to bed ready for bed. They woke up as if nothing happened in the morning, they noticed a dog on their bed, they thought it was one of his pets, but their surprise was great when they realized that it was an unknown animal. Their history made trend in Facebook, social network where the users of USA They were fascinated by this story.

a fearless dog

It was about nala, a dog that got lost during a walk at night so, unable to find her owner, she looked for a safe haven where she could rest; This is how she arrived at Julie’s house, which she entered without anyone noticing in the middle of a storm that took place in Tennessee.

They were unaware that nala she had run away from home and woke up in her and her husband’s bed. Looking for a safe place, the dog found the door ajar, so she entered the couple’s room, then climbed on the bed and peacefully went to sleep.

They didn’t think it was about Nala

A The Mirror, Julie expresses: “It started raining around 4am and I guess she was really freaked out by the thunder and ran to the first house that smelled like friendly people and dogs..

And it is that, in the house of our protagonist they are true animal lovers, to the point that they have three dogs: Jupiter, Zeppelin Y Holliswho did not show anything against after noticing the presence of a stranger: the missing nala.

In fact, these little animals, from time to time, have the habit of sleeping in the bed of Julie and her husband, which is why it didn’t seem strange to them to wake up in the morning and see a dog snuggled up between the sheets and duvets, but the surprise overcame them.

Nala after being caught in the bed of Julie and her husband. (Photo: Julie Thornton Johnson/Facebook)

A The Mirrornarrowed down: “At first, I was a little scared. Who wouldn’t be? A scary looking big brown dog but, within 10 seconds, we knew she was friendly”.

Looking for the owners of Nala

Given this, Julie decided to share his story Facebook its objective? Find the owners of your lovely visitor: “This is the most publication I have ever had to do”confesses in the post.

“(…) A small problem, this is not our dog, nor do we know how it got to our house. At first, we thought she was one of us, but they rarely lay on the pillows. In the total darkness, I assumed that she was (…) when the daylight began to filter through our curtains, we realized that we were cuddling with someone else’s dog ”So says the post.

Cris Hawkins post on Facebook after finding Nala.  (Photo: Cris Hawkins/Facebook)
Cris Hawkins post on Facebook after finding Nala. (Photo: Cris Hawkins/Facebook)

Owner explains how Nala got lost

The post exceeded 12 thousand sharesto the point that it reached the ears of its owner, Chris Hawkinswho was reunited with nala and, immediately, he told the truth about the disappearance of his dog.

“Yesterday the necklace came loose while she was being walked, she ran down the street to a neighbor’s house. She somehow managed to get into her house and got into bed with them in the middle of the night. The wife and her husband have 3 own dogs who sleep in bed with them. Neither of their dogs reacted when a random dog climbed onto the bed with them and the couple didn’t even realize it wasn’t their dog with them until the sun started to rise.”.

And he continues his story: “Fortunately, the couple thought it was funny and they are not even mad about it (…) Thank you, Julie Thornton Johnsonfor keeping her safe, treating nala as if it were yours and make sure you spread the word so we could find it”sentenced.

After the reunion Julie assures you have expressed the following in your account Facebook: nala and their mothers are no longer strangers to us. Yesterday our playdate with the puppies was so much fun and the puppies loved the attention and the ice cream!”.


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