visible leads vs. invisible leaders »Uhrin jr, DDB spokesman hired

Dinamo relegated at the end of a season in which it had many visible and invisible leaders. Dusan Uhrin jr was hired by DDB spokesman Daniel Șendre. Badea had brought Rednic, Mureșan had put Stoican.

Dinamo relegated after not being able to win any match between the two in the dam with U Cluj, but the footballers who failed miserably immediately received offers from Romania and abroad.

How did the “dogs” end up losing and falling into the “B”, since their players are still considered good in the market?


New details from the DDB – Zăvăleanu meeting »What urgent debts exist, on what stadium the team could play +“ We have discussions with a foreign investor and 2 powerful Dinamo players ”

Outsiders were also hiring coaches at Dinamo

Nothing that was seen at Dinamo was as it seemed.

The management of the documents, Zăvăleanu, Mureșan and Răducioiu, had a lesser influence than the people outside the club.

Uhrin, who is now publicly challenged by the players, and Zăvăleanu, were chosen by Daniel Șendre, the press officer of the “Only Dinamo Bucharest” project.

Former journalist, Şendre insisted on Stoican’s dismissal and his replacement with Uhrin.

When they found out about the intention, the footballers asked to have a discussion with Iuliu Mureșan. They explained to the administrator that it would be a mistake to land Flavius: “He managed to unite us, it’s a good atmosphere. If he leaves now, even the employees of Săftica will cry for him!

What were the coaches of Dinamo called: visible leadership vs.  invisible leaders »Uhrin jr, DDB spokesman hired

Șendre’s choice turned out to be wrong // PHOTO Facebook

Uhrin has nothing to bring! Last season he did not save the team, we played what we, the players, knew, that Dușan did nothing special either in training or in matches! ”.

Revelations inside Dinamo: “Indiscipline, strange decisions”

Mureșan came to the conclusion that the right solution was to keep Stoican. “You convinced me, you’re right, Flavius ​​remains,” he told the footballers.

“In the next two hours, Şendre insisted on bringing Uhrin back and Mureșan gave in, accepting the Czech,” club sources said.

Because he did not trust Dusan, Mureșan would abandon him completely, he did not help him at all, he left him alone with the group.

Zăvăleanu did not want Uhrin either and behaved in the same way, more confused. Before the bailout, the court administrator informed the players that they would not be paid until the summer, “when you could recover your outstanding salaries if we remain in the first league.”

His speech damaged even more the atmosphere, which was already very bad. The footballers were not satisfied with the collaboration with Dușan and challenged his decisions.

“It was total indiscipline, Jovanovic trained only when he felt like it, Patriche was taken out of the group once a day before a match without giving him any explanation”, say team sources.

Theoretically, the leaders, the coach and the players had a common goal, to keep the team in the first league. In reality, they worked against each other every day.

Message for Dinamo players: “Give up the money for June!”

Three of the players leaving Dinamo received a desperate proposal one of the other days. Azankpo, Aloe and Pierret have contracts valid until June 30.

Zăvăleanu proposed that they sign the termination on May 30 and thus give up the money they would deserve for June. And the remaining April and May salaries should be postponed to January or February next year.

The club would save 30,000 euros and postpone the payment of 60,000 euros until next year. Zăvăleanu is trying to gain time so that the team can manage in the second league until the end of this year.

At Dinamo, each with his own coach

The leaders of the DDB program had brought in Dario Bonetti, whom they stopped supporting strongly when the results were very poor, including a 0-6 failure with FCSB.

Nicolae Badea imposed Mircea Rednic as “principal” instead of the Italian. Badea was not part of the club’s management and insisted in public statements that he was just a supporter, but he influenced many important decisions.

Iuliu Mureșan then fired Rednic and immediately installed Stoican. Which Sendre, DDB’s press officer, exchanged with Uhrin.

The results were not even a little better at any time, no change improved the situation, on the contrary, it ruined even more the atmosphere and the course of the championship.

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