Volodimir Zelenski: puppet of the United States and companion dog of the European Union

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Before the start of Russia’s Special Military Operation, no one gave a swoon over President Zelensky, he was completely undervalued, and in his country his image was deplorable. They considered him a coward who would flee in the event of a Russian invasion. His approval ratings were less than 26%.

Putin’s threats came to fruition on February 24 when Russian tanks entered the streets of Ukraine. From that moment on, instead of being daunted, the president of Ukraine began to grow, his character began to oscillate between the lyrical, the pathetic and a firmness, which with the passing of the weeks grew larger until it bordered on the brave.

The Western media in unison placed it in the iconic niche. Advertising marketing began to work, in which Hollywood, Netflix and social networks play a subliminal role to put those who are interested in the top, or elevate their nemesis to depravity.

Do you remember Twiggy, that girl from the sixties, who with that vintage haircut invented by the great stylist Leonard, the anorexic image and the empty eyes, became the iconic image that the girls of the world wanted to imitate and wear? like her?

Zelensky vintage icon

Wherever people went, anywhere on the street, they saw Twiggy’s sallow face. Analogous situation with Zelenski, although his image has intruded in all the parliaments of the world becoming a whip of the countries and penetrating the casuistry of morality, to the point of creating scruples in political leaders: Is my behavior criminal? Should I hand over weapons now, not considering that they could potentially kill thousands of human beings?

Weapons, just like a Twiggy hair style, and in an era where lobbyists and animal advocates fight tooth and nail to defend, say, the wolf, or the bald eagle, whose death caused it can land the perpetrator in jail or a hefty fine.

Where did this Zelensky come from, how did he get there, is he a product of what culture, does his character respond to what patterns or types of behavior, did he stumble upon destiny by falling at the right time and place by sheer chance, or is that person like the Count of Monte Cristo who finds the treasure in the place indicated by Abbé Farías, thus giving him the possibility of realizing his plans?

From vedette to the presidency

The only card he had in his hand when he was elected president in April 2019 was to be a humorist, with the purpose of governing a country at war and facing a world military power.

The desire was to sign peace with Russia, which had also been the promise of his predecessor Petró Poroshenko, without achieving anything. But maybe the Kafkaesque thing could happen: That a clown would reason with the fearsome ogre Vladimir Putin so that he would compromise in exchange for some concessions.

If President Zelensky should be recognized for any virtue, it is his availability to assume the role indicated in the script: when the war broke out, he went from being a tarambana to achieving the status of a “hero”; and when he was elected president he went from being a buffoon to the president of a young but ancient country.

And long before, in 2015, he achieved glory on Ukrainian television, with the comedy series, ‘Servant of the People’, he played an ordinary citizen, without titles and the more ignorant the better, (Vasili Goloborodko) who ends up as the iconoclastic president of Ukraine .

Such a presidential parody, staged on television for five years, became a reality, it seemed like a life joke ready to laugh at the Ukrainian establishment and the oligarchs who control the strings of power.

The role of his life came to him in a precise script, written for a Hitchcock thriller, symbol of resistance to the Russian invasionwho hunts very well with his histrionic conditions that knows how to reach the viewer, with videos where he mixes mockery and invective.

That scenic experience accompanied by the khaki green shirt – his rival Poroshenko also appears in videos in military clothes, showing a Kalashnikov – and a nationalist air eager to stage the victory against the occupying forces that want to take over the world and end freedom and democracy, they have given preponderance.

It can be argued that Zelensky defeats Vladimir Putin rhetorically, as Oliver Pieper says in DW.

How he came to achieve the distinction of president

But one thing is the Zelenski who knows how to interpret the role assigned by the script and another thing is to go from harlequin to president of a country in tremendous conflict with a powerful neighbor and thirsty to recover the old lost glories. The two things are mutually exclusive.

The Ukrainian presidency that Zelensky won was due to a strange coincidence, so much so that it was thought to be a joke. An unattractive joke for a country mired in despair and political inaction, which led the writer Igor Lesev to say: “We would have voted for a dead cat if necessary.”

It is no use wondering now that the world is in this terrible crisis: Was Zelensky the right man that the Government of Ukraine needed? He will not be out of focus and in the wrong place for the historical milestone that we live? It is very easy to say that he is a match for Churchill, the warlord. But was Churchill an essential figure in history? The statue of him was painted by protesters in London, in June 2020, and on it they wrote: “he was a racist”.

Today Zelensky is a friend of the United States, he enjoys his predicament. It is known that this situation can end at any moment, as witnessed by the lives of Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, General Noriega, Muammar Gaddafi, Milosevic, Idi Amin Dada. This intricacy is not a matter of governance, nor of democratic ideas, but of economic interests and, at the moment, the geostrategic is privileged, as is the case of Ukraine, which serves as a spearhead against Russia.

An unrealizable country in the hands of creditors

Zelensky has a serious credibility problem. He likes to portray his country as a model state. Rather he has the traces of being a trompe l’oeil. Ukraine is an imperfect democracy that has played into Putin’s hands for a long time. Transforming the country into a model democratic state is an illusion, as Marco Reinke says in Welt.

Ukraine is a government of and for the oligarchs, submerged in the informal economy and living thanks to the remittances sent from abroad by 10 million Ukrainians who have been forced to leave because politics in their country killed their illusions. Ukraine is poorer today than it was in 1991. And with the damn war it will end up living like in the Stone Age.

In his three years of government Zelensky has done nothing but decrease. In this he resembles Emmanuel Macron. They are like twins. They have the same age. Young and inexperienced took over their respective governments. They are both Jewish. Merit in his rise to power is excluded, unless it is attributed to the “invisible power” that, for Oscar Wilde, seemed to move beings like mere chess pieces or like vessels in the hands of a potter, as he recounted in Lord Arthur Savile’s crime.

Macron, as Eric Zemmour said, turned his five-year term into a “process of deconstruction”, transformed France into a powder keg of discontent, social division and the conviction – which François Hollande named out loud – of being the “president of the very rich”. ”.

His affinity with the oligarchs

Zelenski also dedicated himself, with care and persistence, to “deconstructing” the country, in the three years of his mandate. Like Macron, he does not antagonize Ukraine’s oligarchs. Anatoly, a refugee in Lviv, has no patriotic pride in his president. “He’s just the guy Kolomoiski put there,” he refers to the oligarch who owns the television channel 1+1, on which Zelensky made his name as a comedian before becoming president.

Unlike Macron, Zelensky did blow up the powder keg, which today has the world divided and in anguish over this humanitarian calamity – one would have to be a pamphlete, not to think about the martyred Ukrainian people! – and on the verge of the third world war. This is not an allegory. Nor is it to sow panic. On the 69th War Day it is a reality.

In this mess, hopefully not nuclear, guilty there are many. It’s not just Putin, Zelensky, NATO, Macron, Olaf Sholz [que a última hora se subió al tren de la guerra], Jaroslaw Kazinskyi, Boris Johnson who became a real hungry hawk, and the biggest culprit of all Joe Biden and his hungry hawks: the military industry. None of them can wash their hands. The world knows it, because the world is not a cretin.

History will hold you accountable

Zelenski has to cope with his own. Before the history of Ukraine he has to answer for his actions. It is clear that he is a mere puppet of the outside powers. At the meeting of military leaders at Ramstein, the United States military base in Germany, on April 26, organized by the Pentagon, the United States Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, announced the timetable for the war, the weapons that will be sent and, above all, he made it clear that we are going to win the war.

On April 29, the United States activated a plan for the war in 1941: the so-called Lend-Lease Act that will provide $33 billion dollars for the war in Ukraine. And on April 30, out of the blue, Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, went to Ukraine and there declared: “We are going to the final victory.”

Ukraine is a pretext. Zelensky brilliantly puppets him. And with his begging attitude towards Europe he loses all his ability to manoeuvre, remains at the mercy of Brussels, and plunges his people into eternal poverty.