Watch: Her beauty is beyond imagination and description.. This innocent little girl was secretly married by the former president and hid from everyone, and she became a very beautiful actress! !(Video & Pictures)

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Although nearly 19 years have passed since her retirement from art, the public is still circulating some of her works and photos, and the story of her secret marriage to the late Egyptian President, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

It is the star Iman Al-Toukhi, who charmed with her beauty high-caliber officials, art stars and the masses,

After she entered the fields of singing, acting and media, news spread that the late Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was secretly affiliated with her.

Recently, social media pioneers circulated a photo from her childhood, which she had published in 2017, on the occasion of her 57th birthday.

They said that her beautiful features did not change from what she was in her childhood, and they expressed their great admiration for her, and flirted with her beauty and femininity.

Egyptian singer, media and actress Iman El-Toukhi, born on January 11, 1958 in Cairo, is the daughter of the great artist and broadcaster Mohamed El-Toukhi. She graduated from the Faculty of Media, Radio and Television Department, Cairo University in 1980.

She presented a distinguished album in the early nineties with composer Mohamed Dia, entitled “First Look”, the main reason behind a new love story.

She also presented many songs and works in cinema and television, and one of her most important series is “Raafat Al-Hagan”, in which she embodied the character of the Jewish girl who loved the Egyptian client,

Among her most famous works are the series: “The Road to Samarkand”, “One Thousand and One Nights”, “The Halawani Gate”, “Jamal al-Din al-Afghani”, “Blood on the Asphalt”, “Beit al-Kawamil”, “Do not destroy me with you” and “Love Dies” And the judgment is at the end of the session.

The artist Ahmed Zaki expressed his admiration for Iman Al-Toukhi in 1997, and was keen to attend all her concerts permanently by sitting in the first rows, and he tried for more than two years to persuade her to marry him, but all these attempts failed because of her refusal to do so.

The name “Al-Toukhi” was associated with former President Hosni Mubarak, after his insistence and keenness on her participation in many of the parties he held in the presidency and others, and many circulated the news of their marriage secretly.

The witch of stars and youth, artist Iman Al-Toukhi, justified her retirement from art and the media, by saying that the professions of art and media are no longer the same as they were before, and that there are intruders who abused the two professions.

According to her. Although the media and art professions at the time were at the height of their glow as a result of the presence of dozens of media and art giants at that time.

And news of Iman’s association with Mubarak continued to spread, a short time ago, from her practice of acting, media and singing, and it was said that their association was the real reason for her retirement.

She did not deny her marriage to Mubarak
And towards the spread of news of her association with President Mubarak, through many Egyptian media outlets

At the time, Al-Toukhi did not deny this news or even comment on it, which only fueled the ignition of this news.

After a long period of time, El-Toukhi made press statements denying the validity of the news of her association with former President Mubarak. However, some argued that her denial was the result of pressure from higher authorities in the state. According to them.

did not get married!
What proves the fact that the beautiful Iman El-Toukhi is linked to the late President Hosni Mubarak, according to press reports, is her refusal to marry until the present time, even though she was the girl of the dreams of young people and artists,

Although she got engaged twice, the first from the late theater director Fouad Abdel Hai, whom she met at the university theater, and the second from the composer Mohamed Diaa, after their cooperation on the album “First Look”, she refused to marry either of them or anyone else.

Composer Mohamed Dia said, in a press interview, that the late artist Ahmed Zaki was impressed by Iman El-Toukhi, and offered her to marry, but she refused.

He stressed that her retirement from art was expected because she was of a different nature from the singers of her generation and could not keep up with what was happening in the middle.

And the Egyptian television had refused to show its successful series “Jamal Al-Din Al-Afghani”, and she was removed to the point where director Ashraf Fahmy abandoned her despite his keenness to be the Egyptian star.

The first in cinema and television, because of his fear of intelligence, after receiving information that it was linked to President Mubarak.

A video attributed to her nephew was published
The matter went to the extent of publishing a video on YouTube attributed to the nephew of Iman Al-Toukhi after her retirement,

He carries a message that he started with verses from the Qur’an, in an attempt to calm the spread of news of the artist’s association with President Mubarak.

He said that his aunt did not marry any politicians, noting that she was subjected to persecution, which forced her to move away and withdraw to preserve her pure image.

In front of her audience, without mentioning the reason for her refusal to marry many of the artists and celebrities who applied to be associated with her during the last period.

The letter of the nephew of the artist, Iman Al-Toukhi, caused him to be attacked and accused of being paid by political parties in exchange for a sum of money, to make an attempt to hide the fact of her association with the former president,

And calm the circulation of news in this matter.
What added to the public’s doubts about the credibility of the news was the interference of higher authorities in the Egyptian state.

On the subject of Hosni Mubarak’s relationship with the artist El-Toukhi, the news of their relationship again after the death of President Mubarak was circulated.

In one of the rare meetings of the wonderful artist Iman Al-Toukhi, she reported that her father, the great artist, Mohamed Al-Toukhi, founded the radio recording studio,

He had a strong voice, which made him a famous radio voice and had a great influence in the formation of her character.

Mubarak’s interest in her and his praise for her voice
Recently, the beautiful Iman Al-Toukhi revealed, in a press interview, after many years of silence, the attention she received from the late Egyptian President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak.

She said that Mubarak was keen on her participation in the October Revolution concerts, stressing that at that time she began to reduce her artistic appearance and that the late president was approaching her at parties, greeting her and praising her voice.

The reason for the increasing news of her association with the President
Al-Toukhi also revealed that she was receiving invitations from the presidency to perform other concerts, some of which were attended by the great artists Wadih Al-Safi and Sayed Makkawi.

This is likely to be another reason for the increasing circulation of news of her secretly affiliation with President Mubarak. The witch of stars and masses did not clarify whether she married Mubarak secretly or not.

This made some people realize that they are related and that her retirement from art and the media resulted from pressures from higher authorities, as confirmed by Egyptian and Arab media,

Iman Al-Toukhi’s reluctance to marry all those who applied to marry her is another evidence of her secret marriage to the late President Hosni Mubarak.

These sources indicated that the actresses in Egypt entered into romantic relationships with more than one person, and that some of them were engaged more than 15 times,

With the exception of Iman El-Toukhi, who has not been linked to anyone even emotionally, since the news of her marriage to Mubarak spread a few months after her appearance on the screen.