“We are playing 100% to victory. They didn’t call me to thank me. “

Article by Eduard Apostol – Posted Tuesday, 10 May 2022, 07:33 / Updated Tuesday, 10 May 2022 07:55

Helder Tavares (32 years old), current midfielder at FC Voluntari, recalled the moment when “Directed” the last title won by FCSB, in 2015, the footballer scoring for Oțelul Galați in the amazing victory of the last stage since then against those from ASA Târgu Mureș. Now he says he and Ilfov will play to provide the surprise.

  • FC Voluntari – FCSB is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, at 21:00. The match will be live on GSP.ro and live on TV on DigiSport 1, OrangeSport 1 and PrimaSport 1.
  • If FCSB does not win, it needs CFR Cluj not to defeat CSU Craiova in the penultimate stage. Otherwise, the Transylvanians would be champions with a round before the final.

Helder Tavares is one of the important people of the Volunteer. The central midfielder will face one of his good football friends, defender Andrei Miron (FCSB), but says that neither he nor his teammates will back down for the red-blues to parade in the direct match.

An international from Cape Verde but a Portuguese national, Helder once helped FCSB. More precisely in the crazy season finale of the last title won by the people of Bucharest, in 2015.

In the last stage, Oţelul Galați, relegated, on the verge of dissolution, defeated ASA Târgu Mureș 2-1 away and directed the title to Gigi Becali’s team, to the detriment of the Transylvanians! Helder Tavares scored in the 90th minute, after Tudorie equalized for the Danube.


Deputy Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu, after the outrageous events in Romania – Hungary: “It is a shameless lack of respect for Romania! Respect to the three ROMANIAN players who did not participate in this masquerade! ”

Helder Tavares, FC Voluntari: “I would be happy for Andrei Miron if FCSB won the title”

“Helder, what’s your stake this season?”
– We play football and we try to win, regardless of the competition, the playoffs and the Romanian Cup. 4th place, respectively final, we really want the trophy. First, to get to the finals, let’s take it one step at a time.

– All eyes will be on FC Voluntari in the perspective of the duel with FCSB. Who do you think will win the title?
– I think that only in the last stage will the situation be clarified, there will be a close fight between FCSB and CFR Cluj. From a football standpoint, FCSB played better, more spectacular, it would probably be better for fans to win. But sometimes it’s not about that, it’s about tactics, it’s about discipline. CFR Cluj has won four times in a row, performing in Europe. I think the chances are 50-50.

– Do you personally have a favorite?
“I really don’t care.” Maybe because my good and old colleague since I was in Galați, Andrei Miron, plays for FCSB, I would be happy for him. We kept in touch all these years, but otherwise I have nothing to do, I don’t care who will be the champion. It would be good for us to win the Romanian Cup.

Helder Tavares assures: “We do not side with FCSB, we play for pride”

– There will be pressure on you too, even if you do not play for the title, because any phase will be judged in the direct match with FCSB.
– We see our game, we hope to implement on the field what we learned in training, we do not distinguish between FCSB and CFR Cluj. We will play one hundred percent to win, not draw. Sometimes it’s not possible to win, but you have to show that you gave your best. We do not give up, we play for our pride.

– You influenced, through your goal, in May 2015, the winning of the title by FCSB. You scored for Oțelul Galați in the 90th minute, away, with ASA Târgu Mureș. By the way, did someone from FCSB call you to thank you afterwards?
– Absolutely nobody from the team, from the club. Only one journalist I know called me after, he did an interview with me. And I think there were 2-3 FCSB supporters who sent me text messages of thanks. I thought they were fans of that team because they kept saying, “Thank you, thank you, you helped us!” That’s all.

“The players from Târgu Mureș thought they would beat us without a fight”

– What do you remember from that duel?
– It was my first goal in League 1. It was the last match of Steel in the first division, then it was disbanded, we wanted to go out with our heads held high. I was really proud to play there, especially since in 2011 she was the champion of Romania and played in the Champions League groups, with Manchester United and Benfica.

– Later, did certain former players from ASA Târgu Mureș say that they felt unclean things in that confrontation?
– Seriously?! Me, one, no! Maybe between them … We didn’t have salaries, we had been unpaid for five months, we didn’t have any money for that match, we played for ourselves and our pride. I didn’t take any money for that success, it was personal pride. Maybe the players from Târgu Mureș thought it was an easy match, they would beat us without a fight. Probably, they entered the field relaxed, they also had 1-0. I’m sorry for their sadness, but that’s the way football is.

Helder Tavares, about the war in Ukraine

– In the face of your daily life here, does the war in Ukraine make you emotional?
– I don’t want war, logically, but it’s beyond my power, yours, ours to understand exactly the situation. I don’t know what they have in common, I don’t know the truth, just what I see on TV. I can’t give my opinion, everyone talks about what suits them.

The serious thing is that innocent people are suffering, I pray that a solution can be found so that there will be peace again. It is terrible to see in Europe, a civilized continent, a destroyed country, a country that 10 years ago organized the European Football Championship.

“Are you afraid it could escalate?”
– There are many interests, most of them we do not know. We only know what they want us to know. God forbid something worse happens, it’s really bad anyway!

Octavian Popescu has a lot of quality. Not because he scored in the last second with us or because he scored beautiful goals, I was even talking to my colleagues, he is a player with a great future. I think he can have an important career abroad.

Helder Tavares, Volunteer midfielder

28 games,a goal and 3 assists was scored by Helder for the people of Galaţi in the 2014/2015 edition

14 selectionshas the first representative of Cape Verde

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