“We have doubled our investment in sports in the last decade, and the results are visible”

Article by Remus Dinu – Posted Saturday, 11 June 2022, 12:22 / Updated Saturday, 11 June 2022 14:13

  • Romania plays today, from 21:45, against Finland, the third match of the current edition of the Nations League. Match will be liveTEXT on GSP.ro and live on Antena 1.

For several years in Romania, the Finnish dignitary revealed how Finalnda has doubled its investments in sports in the last decade, said what are the strengths of the Nordic national team and offered unique information about his stay in our country, declaring himself a passionate fan of Simona Halep .

– Hello, Your Excellency! First of all, I’m curious if you’re going to the game tonight.
Hello and thank you for the invitation. It is not uncommon for me to offer interviews for sports publications. Come to think of it, it’s the first thing in my life. I’m not going to the stadium, but I’m going to watch the game on TV, just because it looks better. However, there are colleagues of mine from the Finnish Embassy who will be at the Giulești stadium for the match.

– What is the mood in Finland before this duel? We are in a deep crisis, but Finland is coming to Romania as the group’s leader.
– In recent years, football has received more attention in Finland, culminating in the national team’s qualification for the EURO 2020 final tournament. We are confident that our national team will make a good impression in Saturday night’s match.

Marjut Akola: “Finland has doubled its investment in sports over the last decade, and now the results are beginning to show”

– Teemu Pukki? Joel Pohjanpalo? Who should we fear more?
– Teemu Pukki and Joel Phjanpalo are two extremely valuable players, who are in a very good sports form, but let’s not forget that football is a team sport. Finland is known for its fighting spirit and team spirit, for the unity so needed in these times.

– Finland’s national team has started to have results in recent years, we also remember the European qualification you mentioned. Has it started to invest more in this sector and in Finnish sport in general?
Finland focuses on youth by providing support for those who decide to do performance sports. Finland has doubled its investment in sports over the last decade, and now the results are beginning to show.

Marjut Akola: “I have to admit I’m a Simona Halep fan”

– Beyond your diplomatic work, am I curious what sports you watch in your free time? And who would be the athlete you admire the most, Finnish or not …
– When I have time, I like to watch skiing. I don’t have a particular athlete to admire. I’m always proud when a Finn or a Finnish team wins! It was so great when our ice hockey team won the World Championships in May in Tampere.

– Do you have Romanian athletes that you admire? If so, who?
I must admit that I am a fan of Simona Halep, to whom I admire not only the sporting performances, but also the character, the ambition and the sacrifice..

“And anyone else?”
– Other Romanian athletes that I have been impressed with over the years are Nadia Comaneci, Ilie Năstase, Gheorghe Hagi, names so big in the world of sports that they are known all over the world.

Marjut Akola: “I appreciate Romanian self-irony”

– How do you like life in Romania? What pleasantly surprised you when you lived here? But something unpleasant? Maybe traffic?
– It is difficult to live far from family, and the period of my stay in Romania coincided, unfortunately, with the pandemic, assuming certain restrictions and isolation. I still managed to get around the country, and if there is that expression with “appreciate the road, not the destination”, I appreciated the destinations more than the road to get there.

– Any favorite city?
– I saw and liked Cluj, Brașov, Sibiu, Timișoara. I appreciate the specific Romanian self-irony, the sense of humor being among my favorite qualities.

– Tell us some things that Romanians do not have, but we find them in Finland. And conversely, what things do you like in Romania and have you not encountered in Finland?
There are always differences and similarities between countries and people and there are always pros and cons in each country. I think we have a number of things in common, such as the beautiful nature, the location on the eastern border and the hospitality of the people. In terms of sports, Finland has the best rally drivers, and Romania has very good tennis players.

– In the end, do you dare to give a prediction for the match in Giulești?
Best to win! 1-0 for Finland.

Marjut Akola - Finnish Ambassador to Romania / Photo source: @FinnishEmbassyBucharest

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