“We take care of the members of the gangs”: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described as “responsible attitude” the response that the Armed forces in the face of the persecution of allegedly armed civilians in the town of Nueva Italia, Michoacán.

He indicated that before the confrontations were constant, the loss of lives of innocent citizens, soldiers and sailors, but now the military and also the members of the gangs are taken care of because “they are human beings.”

At a press conference, he indicated that the policy was changed, that human rights are now respected and that the Secretaries of Defense and the Navy and the National Guard avoid confrontations and prioritize intelligence over force.

“We take care of the members of the Armed Forces, of the Defense, of the National Guard, but we also take care of the members of the gangs, they are human beings. This is a different policy, completely different, that is why what many celebrated yesterday, which was the world upside down, for me it was a responsible attitude, ”he said.

In a video broadcast on social networks, four Army patrols are shown fleeing from civilians aboard seven trucks. From one of them the video was recorded where it is heard that they insult the uniformed men.

“Shoot him, shoot him!” they yell at them from the vans until they leave the town.

When questioned on the subject, López Obrador indicated that the “conservative party” described it as humiliating the Army, but that they should be recognized.

“Labs found”

The president indicated that, after the persecution, 300 or 400 elements were deployed and they entered a site where they found laboratories.

“The persecution was concluded, reinforcements were requested, the area was entered and laboratories were found,” said the president.

Lee: Mexico registered 150 massacres between January and April; Michoacán had the highest number, with 25

López Obrador showed a graph on the level of lethality that the military had in Felipe Calderón’s six-year term, in which he indicated that in 2011 there were 1,127 clashes between soldiers and alleged criminals with 1,412 deaths; before it was the logic of “kill them hot” and finish off the wounded, he said.

Political Animal published that in the first half of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s six-year term, the Mexican Army clashed with armed civilians in the country on more than 640 occasions. The official balance of these clashes was 515 alleged aggressors killed, for just 89 injured and 381 detained. On the military side, 21 lost their lives.

As was the case in the governments of Enrique Peña Nieto and Felipe Calderón, soldiers keep killing more people than they injure or arrest. But the lethality of the Armed Forces has increased: today the gap between dead civilians compared to detainees, between dead civilians compared to wounded, as well as between killed civilians and soldiers is greater.

After the video was broadcast, the Army sent more reinforcements to the Tierra Caliente region.

Violence in Michoacán has increased in recent months despite the deployment of federal elements. In coordination with the state government, the federal Executive Branch sent at least 3,100 uniformed personnel to the entity between January and mid-March.

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