What did David Popovici ask Nicolae Ciucă and what was the answer received from the prime minister

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Nicolae Ciucă: “David Popovici asked me to provide the young generation with the necessary conditions for sports”

“He asked me to provide the young generation with the necessary conditions to be able to do sports. Arguments – I will repeat his words: ‘When we do sports, we have both a healthy body and especially a healthy mind. It teaches us to think, to we told him that. ”And I told him that, beyond that, any performance athlete has a commitment to himself and a level of ambition that we sometimes lack.

As such, I believe that we are obliged to do what we have to do for the young generation in terms of both the administrative assurance and this part of the impetus and as many models as possible, so that the young generation has something to follow ”, said Prime Minister Nicolae Ciuca during a press conference.

He mentioned that the meeting with the Romanian athlete was “emotional and honorable” and that he congratulated him for his performances.

“It was a very emotional and honorable meeting for me, because I had the opportunity to congratulate him directly, at the Government headquarters, and to thank him for all the efforts made, both by him and by his family and the team. I discussed with David a lot of issues related to Romanian sport and he presented to me in detail how he reached this performance. and that commitment through which we can have the Sports Strategy as soon as possible, a new sports law “said the prime minister.

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David Popovici, debutant at the Senior World Championships in the Olympic pool, brought the first two world titles for Romanian men’s swimming and set new world records for juniors in both events.

Popovici is the second swimmer of all time to win gold in the 100 and 200m freestyle events at the same World Championships, after American Jim Montgomery, who did so in 1973 in Belgrade.

David Popovici said a single word to Nicolae Ciuca when he shook his hand

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The government approved on Monday the decision by which David Popovici will be awarded with 1 million lei net, for the exceptional results obtained at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest.

The prime minister shook the young swimmer’s hand for several seconds at the meeting. Later, at the official photo, the two shook hands again, for good seconds.

“Firm!”David Popovici said to Nicolae Ciucă, smiling, after the handshake that lasted several moments.

“I was happy to shake his hand and personally congratulate David Popovici, the young athlete who made us all proud. I advised him to remain the same man with his goals, with availability for efforts because his path will From now on, seriousness, the desire to perform, dedication, but also a passion for sports are a role model for the young generation, which needs such examples to have full confidence in the future. is the standard bearer of this generation and I am convinced that through the obtained performance there will be a click in the Romanian sport “said the prime minister.

The gesture made by David Popovici when Eduard Novak wanted to slap him, after giving him the € 200,000 check

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Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, and happiness on the swimmer David Popovici and his staff for the two gold medals won at World Swimming Championships in Budapeston the occasion of a festivity held on Sunday evening at the Official Salon of “Henri Coandă” International Airport in Otopeni.

The Minister of Sports, Eduard Novak, handed David Popovici a trophy and a check worth 200,000 euros. The two were photographed together, in front of the media representatives.

The world champion was holding the trophy in his right hand and the check in his left, when the minister wanted to slap him. Slightly confused, David Popovici shrugged and smiled, a sign that he could not respond to the gesture made by Eduard Novak.

The moment aroused smiles at the Official Hall of Henri Coandă International Airport, where the atmosphere was relaxed. The athlete later left the check in his hand and clapped with the minister, in front of those present at the event.

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