What Mihai Stoica says now about Vlad Chiricheș, three days after he called him “an exceptional player”


The date of publishing: Sunday, June 5, 2022, 11:58 p.m.

Date of update: Sunday, June 5, 2022, 11:58 p.m.

The legitimate defender in Sassuolo made a mistake both goals scored by Montenegro, and fans and several important people in Romanian football asked that Vlad Chiricheș to be placed on the reserve bench.

What Mihai Stoica says now about Vlad Chiricheș, three days after he called him “an exceptional player”

Chiricheș’s performance from Podgorica came just two days after was praised by Mihai Stoica. The FCSB general manager said he was a stopper “an exceptional player”and “without him it’s a mess” in Romania’s defense.

Three days after the initial statement, Mihai Stoica admits that Vlad Chiricheș made unforgivable mistakes in Montenegro, but says that it was not his fault alone, giving the example of Montenegro’s second goal, when Ratiu was easily overtaken by Radunovic.

At the same time, Stoica says that a system with three central defenders would be much more suitable for the Romanian national team.

“Chiricheș was wrong, but at the second goal it is a very serious error of Ratiu, very serious! After that, Chiricheș comes to double and stumbles on the grass. Yes, he was wrong.

I have not seen such big errors (no – of Chiricheș) as in this match. The bottom line is that the first mistake could easily be fixed by the other players. He didn’t leave him alone with the goalkeeper, but Bancu had tightened up too much. We had recovered the pig and we had to open it. After that, no one comes to Mugosa. He made the mistake.


Vlad Chiricheș, holder or reserve for the national team after the blunders in Montenegro?  Panduru knows what Edi Iordănescu decided

I said and probably many smiled. We have a national team that best matches three central defenders. I never see Bancu left defender in four, he has problems in defense. With three behind him, I think he could make an exceptional band. And he and Cristi Ganea. There is also Stefanescu. I like it very much.

The statement (no – three days ago) is very bad now. Ok, he made some unforgivable mistakes, but without him we have big problems, he is the only one with personality, who comes out, who has speed. Look, Rus and Burcă are not complementary. You have to have a central defender with better speed and who can come out to buffer, you can’t sit with your ass in the goal, but that’s what we did. As the team did, it was to stay in the box. We have some pretty good players. We would have been in trouble if we had managed to lead the game. “said Mihai Stoica, at Orange Sport.

Mihai Stoica, three days ago: “Chiricheș is an exceptional player”

Three days ago, Mihai Stoica said that Vlad Chiricheș is the key player of the national team.

“He’s a quieter leader, an admirable boy. He’s not vocal. I can’t believe it sometimes when I see what people say about him. He’s an exceptional player! A journalist from Modena said it was a disappointment, what can I say …

Without him, Romania’s national team is like Montenegro without Savic. With Israel, without him, it was a mess! ”says Mihai Stoica, at Orange Sport.

Ciprian Marica, about Vlad Chiricheș: “Wait, father, on the bench! Enter the next one”

Ciprian Marica thinks that the time has come for Sassuolo’s defender to be transferred to the reserve bench.

“It’s a first game, let’s have three more and we’ll really find out. We’ve seen bad matches, we haven’t seen players who are out of shape, let’s not talk about attitude, let’s forget and hope that in the match with Bosnia we will have other players on the field and another inspiration from the coach’s side.

(No. – How many changes will be made in the match with Bosnia?) -You were wrong … if you take down the military, sit on the bench, enter next! So I’m not interested. If you are after such a game, if you have not been inspired, you can change me now. You don’t change when you see that you have a sparkle, when you see that three quarters have paid off, but now you can change who you want, we don’t mind. It wasn’t one to be said to have risen above the level. Everyone sees Rațiu, who also made a mistake in the goal, but overall it seemed more brilliant.

Do you see that we have been the best goalkeeper for a while? In our country, the goalkeepers shine, they stand out in the last years “said Ciprian Marica, on the show Ora Exactă în Sport, from Pro Arena.