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the egg vs. the hen, who was first?

One of the questions that has provoked many discussions over many years: What came first, the chicken or the egg? At first glance it may seem like a complicated question (it certainly is…) because a chicken comes from an egg and in turn an egg needs a chicken, this ends up turning into a labyrinth that offers no way out.

Fortunately, science has the necessary tools to end the mystery, although first we must specify the question well. For this we are going to divide this article into three sections: first, the first eggs; second, the first bird eggs; third, the first chickens.

The first eggs. Technically speaking, an egg is simply the membrane-bound container within which an embryo can grow and develop until it can survive on its own, explains the Australian Academy of Science. As we start with this, surely you must be thinking that the egg came first, and it did. But now let’s focus on the type of egg.

Initially most animals relied on water to reproduce and laid their eggs in ponds and other moist environments so that the eggs would not dry out. At some point, a different type of egg began to evolve, which had three additional membranes inside it: the chorion, the amnion, and the allantois. Provided a conveniently closed, all-in-one life support system. Since then, an embryo can take in stored nutrients, store excess waste products, and breathe without the need for an external aquatic environment.

The bird eggs that we know very well today. They emerge on the scene with the evolution of the first amniotes, it is estimated that these animals appeared between 312 and 370 million years ago. Today’s mammals, reptiles, and birds are all descendants of early amniotes.

amniotic eggs they opened up a whole new world of opportunities for egg-laying sites on land, and the extra membranes paved the way for bigger (and especially better) eggs, says the Australian Academy of Science. Although it also brings us one more question, which came first, the amniotic vertebrates or the amniotic egg? Well, we continue with the chickens.

The first domestic chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus). It is believed to have been originally domesticated from the red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus) native to multiple regions from Southeast Asia to southwest China. These birds have been around for about 58,000 years and were thought to have been domesticated 10,000 years ago.

New research has solved the problem of the domestication of chickens and points to the fact that it was 3,500 years ago. The oldest bones of a definitive domestic chicken were found in Neolithic Ban Non Wat in central Thailand, dating to between 1650 and 1250 BC. Read more.

Back to the question: definitely the egg came first because the amniotic egg emerged millions of years ago, the first chickens appeared about 58,000 years ago, and domestic chickens 3,500 years ago. Unless the question is What came first, the chicken or the chicken egg?

Similarly, we will no longer be trapped in the labyrinth. The answer will very much depend on how a chicken egg is defined. Is it an egg laid by a chicken? Or is it an egg from which a chicken hatches? Anyway, at some point in evolutionary history when there were no chickens, two birds that were almost chickens (almost -but not-) mated and laid an egg that hatched into the first chicken. As Science Focus explains, if you’re willing to call that egg after chicken eggSo this was the first. If not, the chicken came first and the first chicken egg had to wait until the first chicken laid it.

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