What would the car prices be without SCT?

With the increase in the exchange rate car prices It became almost impossible to own a vehicle with the supply problems and the raw material problem. All these aside, the taxes we pay on automobiles take the already high prices to another level. What we pay for the car SCT and VAT amounts have risen to very high levels recently.

Today, a person who wants to buy a zero kilometer car least 300 thousand TLHe needs to review . It is quite annoying that taxes constitute a significant part of this amount. Alright If we didn’t pay excise duty on cars how would it be? We have calculated the SCT-free prices of some popular models in different segments sold in Turkey for you.

SCT bases have changed: Here are the cars whose prices have decreased

With the Official Gazette dated 13 August 2021, the SCT base rates have changed. In this way, there was a serious decrease in the price of some cars.

Here are the car prices without SCT!

In our country where many brands and models are sold most popular vehicles We brought together the prices without excise duty. our list hatchback, sedan and SUV We divided the models into three. Although there has been an extraordinary increase in exchange rates, without the tax burden vehicle prices looks much less scary.

Excise-free hatchback model list:

Renault Clio

The current sales price of the Renault Clio Joy 1.0 Sce 65 horsepower model 313 thousand TL. 165 thousand 783 TLhaving a net price of Clioenters the 60 percent SCT zone. 99 thousand 470 TL SCT the paid vehicle VAT of 47 thousand 745 TL being added. If the value of Clio’s entry level only when VAT is calculated 195 thousand 625 TL is happening.

Hyundai i20

List price of Hyundai i20 1.4 MPI 100 PS Jump version 310 thousand 500 TL designated as. net price 164 Hyundai i20, which costs 1 thousand 469 TL, is also taxed with 60 percent SCT. SCT of 98 thousand 675 TL paid to the applied vehicle The VAT amount is 47 thousand 364. TL. When the price of the entry version of the i20 is calculated with VAT only 194 thousand 62 TL is calculated as.

Opel Corsa

The price of the Opel Corsa 1.2 75 HP Gasoline MT5 is on the website 379 thousand 900 TL is stated as. 189 thousand 381 TL With its price, Opel Corsa is exposed to 70 percent SCT. 132 thousand 567 TL SCT to the paid vehicle at the same time VAT of 57 thousand 950 TL being added. The price of the entry level of the Opel Corsa is only with VAT 223 thousand 470 TL is happening.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf Impression 1.0 TSI 110 PS 6-speed manual transmission model entry price 545 thousand 800 TL. The net price of Golf, which is in the 80 percent SCT segment 256 thousand 149 TL. Applied SCT of 204 thousand 919 TL and VAT of 82 thousand 992 TL Together with the Golf, the price exceeds half a million. Golf’s entry-level price when only VAT is paid 303 thousand 202 TL is calculated as.

Peugeot 208

Asking price for Peugeot 208 PRIME 1.2 Puretech 75hp MT 370 thousand TL. 184 thousand 446 TLWith its net price of .208, it is in the 70 percent SCT segment. 129 thousand 112 TL SCT the paid vehicle VAT is 56 thousand 440 TL. When the entry level price of the Peugeot 208 is calculated with VAT only 217 thousand 647 TL is happening.

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