when is it and why is it the longest day of the year

Say goodbye to spring because the change of season It is already around the corner thanks to the 2022 summer solstice, which is also the longest day of the year. We tell you more about this phenomenon.

First of all, let’s explain what is a solstice. The word comes from the Latin solsitium which can be translated as “stopped sun”. To explain it, we will have to return you to your natural science classes in elementary school where they explained everything about the solar system.

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As you surely remember, the Earth is tilted and thus rotates on its own axis (generating day and night) and also around the sun (giving way to the seasons).

There are two points in the year when the Earth reaches its greatest tilt relative to the Sun in one of its hemispheres.

In this case, thanks to this tilt, the North Pole of the planet is pointing more directly at the sun than at any other time of the year. This generates that the South Pole is when it is furthest from the sun, and that is why summer begins in the north, while winter begins in the south.

Why is it the longest day of the year?

It is not that you magically have an extra hour to sleep or do your earrings, we mean that it is the day where sunlight is present for more hours.

As we have already explained, during the summer solstice the Earth is in a position where the northern hemisphere receives more direct sunlight. This causes that in general, during the summer it gets dark later, but specifically during the solstice it is the day in which we will receive more sunlightsince an approximate time of 13 hours is reached.

When is the summer solstice 2022?

This year, in the northern hemisphere we will welcome summer on Tuesday June 21 from the 4:14 a.m. Central Mexico time. So surely when you wake up, this new season will have already started.

Let’s say that just at first glance you won’t notice that we are in the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, more than for a “small” detail: this will be the longest day of the year.

Look: This is the first image of the black hole at the heart of the Milky Way.

summer solstice traditions

In Mexico we are more aware of the traditions for the arrival of spring and not only because they made us dress up as a bee at the kindergarten festival, but because all the people seek to “charge energy” in the pyramids.

The most famous of the 2022 summer solstice celebrations around the world is when people gather at stonehenge in England, and it is believed that this date has been celebrated there for thousands of years.

And it is that the famous stones of this place align perfectly with the sunrise on the summer solstice, because the sun rises behind the Heel Stone –the old entrance– and the rays are channeled to the center of this old construction.

In Mexicothis phenomenon can also be seen in an ancient place full of history: Chichen Itza. Specifically we refer to the kukulkan templewhich for a brief period of time at dawn remains divided into light and dark.

When the sun rises it illuminates the north and east sides of the pyramid, leaving the other two faces in shadow.

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And thanks to the horror movie midsummer, Swedish celebrations for the arrival of summer also became world famous. Although in the movie it happens every 90 years, that kind of celebration (without the killings, obviously) happens every summer solstice.

The place where the most traditional celebration takes place is Dalarna and the most typical thing is to celebrate in the field dancing and singing around the maja either stick of May, a post decorated with flowers, plants and even ribbons with blues and yellows as the colors of the flag.

(Per Bifrost/imagebank.sweden.se)