Who is Dusan Uhrin putting in the dam? Dinamo’s players threaten to boycott all or nothing matches

Foreign players in Dinamo’s squad no longer feel like fighting for rescue from relegation after a meeting a week agoa meeting in which the judicial administrator Răzvan Zăvăleanu told them that they will be paid only for TV rights, if they remain in the first league.

Dinamo is, in theory, better than U Cluj, the possible opponent in the dam for maintenance / promotion, only that the superior value of the “dogs” is no longer a guarantee, given the special context in which the two rounds of that duel will be played .

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Can DDB still save them?

The red-whites just won in Botoșani, 3-2, and determined Marius Croitoru to compliment them after the match: “Dinamo has valuable players, they are a good team when all the footballers are in good shape”. It should be easier against U Cluj than it was in Moldova, only the red-whites have other problems besides the calculations about the opponent’s strength.

The company managed to get here with the money from the TV rights and the donations made by the supporters-members of the “Only Dinamo Bucharest” program. Now the club’s economy has stalled.

Judicial administrator Răzvan Zăvăleanu summoned the players, Uhrin and the Czech assistants in a meeting that took place last Thursday. He informed the employees that there is no more money and they will not receive any more money until the end of the season.

Dinamo players’ dilemma: “Why risk our future?”

“You will only be paid if we save ourselves from demotion, you will get your money from the TV rights we would receive in the summer” was Zăvăleanu’s message. Dusan Uhrin has not received any money since returning to Stephen the Great. The bailiff told the coach that he would be paid if DDB would contribute more in the next period.

This information did not further motivate players to fight for relegation and salaries. On the contrary, it sounded like a sign to many that Dinamo will not be able to survive in the long run, which is why players whose contracts are about to expire in a month do not even want to play in the playoffs.

Sources from the club say that especially the foreign footballers are no longer interested in the matches for staying in the first league.

They calculate that they would only take some risks by continuing to be involved in the attempt to save the team. An injury would leave him unemployed and unavailable for a player whose contract with Dinamo expires in June.

Balthazar Pierret leaves Dinamo

Balthazar Pierret scored two goals in the match with FC Botoșani and established himself as a good acquisition, he has always been a starter since he arrived in Romania, he scored 15 matches and two goals. The 21-year-old French midfielder will not continue in Stefan cel Mare even if Dinamo manages to stay in the first league.

Pierret’s contract expires in June and he already has offers from other countries: Poland, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland. There are several players in his situation, ready to leave. Although he is still under contract for another year, Steliano Filip has been trying to leave since the winter and still hopes to be allowed a transfer this summer.

No other employees continue

The players are not the only ones in the club affected by the Dinamo crisis. The employees from Săftica announced that they do not accept to work anymore, after the meeting they had with Zăvăleanu. The judicial administrator insisted that the situation is under control, in no case is it as bad as the internal sources claim.

It was contradicted by Gheorghe Mihali, the coach of the under-19 junior group: “I didn’t have even five bucks for Easter. The coaches at the Junior Center have been unpaid for two months, we don’t mean anything to the management. When they went into bankruptcy they asked me to give up three outstanding salaries with the promise that I would be paid on time from that moment. And they did not keep their promise. ”

Mihali’s team was fired from the Granite base, where he usually trained because the club had not paid the rent bills.

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