Who is the daughter of the former owner of Ricardo Eletro married to an heir?

Yesterday it was announced that the Justice of São Paulo declared bankruptcy of the owner of Ricardo Eletro, Máquina de Vendas, both created by Ricardo Nunes, from Minas Gerais, who is no longer part of the company’s shareholders and administrators since 2019. However, the same makes a point of to praise on his Instagram that he is the founder of the company and his accomplishments, such as sales records.

His youngest daughter, Livia Nunes, 22, also seems to have inherited her father’s techniques and makes her Instagram account, with more than 630,000 followers, her own successful business.

Who is Livia Nunes?

The youngest in the marriage of Ricardo and Adriana Nunes — the first and only girlfriend of the businessman who met her when she was 17 — Livia Nunes was born on November 15, 1999 and does not hide the lifestyle she chose, being Nunes who shares the most details of his life on the internet since he was younger.

Livia Nunes in Paris, when she visited the French capital for Fashion Week in March; she is 22 years old

Image: Playback / Instagram @livia

Both she and her older sister, Laura Nunes, grew up in Minas Gerais and both studied at logosophical colleges in Belo Horizonte, as their mother is adept at the doctrine that emerged in Argentina in the 1930s and seeks to improve herself and humanity. “Logosophy makes us better people”, stated Ricardo Nunes in an interview with Época Negócios magazine in 2010.

Gradually, the young woman saw the opportunity to grow and be influential on the internet. 4 years ago, in June 2018, she celebrated with a post the ten thousand followers she had gained on Instagram.

“I want to thank you for the 10 thousand followers, very happy! I love to share a little bit of my life here with you, thank you for the love as always”, he thanked.

From there, his account grew enough to be seen by brands. Today, she is the owner of the username (username) that takes only her name, Livia. In addition, of course, to also interacting with other more famous names, linked or not to fashion, an area that she is always dedicated to sharing looks.

Invited to Gabriel Medina’s birthday party in December 2018, when posting a story with Neymar, the click was enough to point out her, who had just turned 19, as the player’s alleged affair. However, not even the player followed her or interacted with her posts.

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Neymar and Livia Nunes, who is cropped in the photo, in the 2018 Instagram Story

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marriage with heir

In 2019, Livia Nunes was already dating Adibe Marques, a Stoke Car pilot and son of João Adibe Marques, CEO and president of the CIMED Group — the pharmaceutical industry of medicines, cosmetics and supplements —, which has already been described by Forbes as “the ace of medicines in Brazil”.

At the end of the following year, they already had their wedding, on December 12, in Belo Horizonte. The ceremony was supposed to be discreet – we were at the end of the new month of the pandemic, still without vaccines in Brazil and with demands for distance and mandatory mask use – after they signed vows a week before.

The couple themselves avoided publishing photos of the ceremony on their profiles. Livia, for example, did not publish anything from the party between a perfume post on December 8th and a photo with Adibe in Ceará, on the 19th of that month.

But the guests insisted on making records, which showed them without masks and without respecting social distance, according to a column by Guilherme Amado in Jornal O Globo at the time.

With shares, the public can see details of the ceremony. One of them caught attention, despite making sense: the guests received a box containing products from the group chaired by the father of the then groom. It ranged from medicines and antacids to makeup removers and intimate lubricant.

Nunes family

The young woman shows to be very affectionate with her family and does not hide, for example, the admiration she feels for her father. In 2020, weeks before Ricardo Nunes was arrested on charges of tax evasion and money laundering worth R$400 million, Livia honored him on his birthday.

“Lately I’ve been enjoying the people I love more. Father, know that you are an example of life for me! You face and fight for everything you want with a lot of willpower and persistence, and teach us here at home to be strong. Honest. Thank you for being such a firm and correct father, and for leading, as a father, me and my sister in the most beautiful way for a woman,” she wrote in June 2020. Comments are disabled.

Ricardo had been arrested along with his daughter Laura Nunes in July 2020, but she was quickly released by decision of the Minas Gerais Public Ministry for having contributed to the investigations. Today, the administrator maintains an Instagram account with 4,000 followers and claims to be a “startup accelerator”.

Livia’s mother, Adriana, has an account on the social network followed by almost 70 thousand followers, such as Lala Rudge, Gkay, Romana Novais, Vera Viel and Preta Gil. She always comments on looks of personalities like Hailey Baldwin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, as well as giving her opinion on ceremonies like the Grammys and movie premieres, like Casa Gucci.

“Congratulations, mother. Thank you for being this exemplary woman! For being my greatest companion (also in my work… a lot comes from you). It’s beautiful to see that, regardless of anything, you dedicate your time to cultivating important values for life”, said Livia on her mother’s birthday in September last year.

Last month, it was the turn of the whole family to be featured on her account on Father’s Day: “A little bit of today… just a little bit because life will never fit on insta. Father’s Day with family. Thank you, papy and mamy, for so much love and affection”.

fashion icon

Anyone who goes through Livia’s feed will immediately see how good she is in putting together her own style, always with striking and unique looks.

There are several partnerships with brands, almost always marked in the subtitles, some marked with advertising, even if incorrectly, for example, in English (“ad”). This year, she was the face of Arezzo for the winter collection, even participating in fashion shows that stated in her profile that “Lívia represents youthfulness and personality”.

She is also aware of trends. This year, she was present at the Paris Fashion Week, in early March, and has already bet on the cropped look made of sneakers, which would become a fever among the famous, as Universa recalled.