Who wanted Horațiu Feșnic at Voluntari at any cost

Kyros Vassaras has made a controversial decision: he sent to the match on Saturday, on the National Arena, the one who on Thursday night also led the return of the Craiova Cup semifinal – Sepsi 0-1. The Greek at the head of the BCC shocked even his subordinates, because he did not take into account an unwritten rule, but respected in refereeing: a referee should have more than 48 hours between the end of a game and the next one he officiates.

Feşnic refereed on Thursday evening, in Bănie, the match between Universitatea and Sepsi. Feşnic will also referee on Saturday night, the extremely important game in the fight for the title FC Voluntari – FCSB. Two matches in a record time, something almost unprecedented, at least at the level of the first echelon in Romania.

The election of Kyros Vassaras would have surprised even his collaborators in the Central Arbitration Commission. They pointed out that sending Feșnic to Voluntari – FCSB violates a basic principle, which provides for a break of at least 48 hours between the end of one match and the start of the next. The confrontation in Bănie ended at 21:30, on Thursday, and the meeting on Saturday is scheduled to start at 21:00. Although he was told that such a thing was to be avoided, Vassaras did not change the schedule he had made since the first day of this week.


CFR tries to stimulate the Volunteer on the PSD channel »Political games for the title on the Rus-Nastase-Pandele axis!

Then, Feşnic’s choice is extremely controversial from other points of view:

1. He was seriously wrong on Thursday. Barbu has been changed, he has not!

Feșnic made a big refereeing error in the Cup semifinal. 0-0, the home team was awarded a penalty. Despite this, the “central” was kept for the match Voluntari – FCSB, although from the start of the play-off and play-out, Vassaras stopped from delegations, at least one stage, all those who committed an obvious mistake.

The newspaper found out the delegations for Volunteers - FCSB and CFR Cluj - CS Universitatea Craiova!  Who stays available for the


The newspaper found out the delegations for Volunteers – FCSB and CFR Cluj – CS Universitatea Craiova! Who stays available for the “title match”

Not far from last week, Marian Barbu was going to be in a position quite similar to that of Feșnic. He officiated at the Hermannstadt – Petrolul 1-1 derby, in League 2, after which, after 50 hours, he had a match in League 1, FC Argeș – CFR. However, he made a serious mistake in the first game, he did not cancel Petrol’s success, due to an offside, which is why he was immediately changed from the game in Trivale, where Andrei Chivulete was preferred.

2. He played for the CFR juniors, his father was a coach at CFR

In an extremely tense moment of the championship, in which the title fight is dramatic, Vassaras chose to have FCSB refereeed by a former CFR footballer. Horațiu Feșnic played during his junior year at the club in Gruia. Initially, he played for his rival in the city, U Cluj, after which he moved to CFR.

In 2012, he wrote in the report that the referees send to the BCC that he was a junior of the CFR. Moreover, his father also worked for this club. Mircea Feșnic was the coach of the B juniors of CFR, but he resigned immediately after Feșnic took the step to the first leagues.

Who wanted Horațiu Feșnic at FC Voluntari - FCSB at any cost?  Vassaras even shocked his subordinates!

“There wouldn’t have been any problems in the 3rd League, but that doesn’t make sense. He took the step forward and I don’t want to create any problems for him in his career.”Feşnic senior motivated his decision, which he took 10 years ago.

22 years oldhad Feșnic when he refereed the first game of League 1, Astra – Mioveni 3-1, in 2012, the “central” Cluj making the direct jump from the 3rd League to League 1, promoted by the then head of the BCC, Ion Christmas

“And if she played for CFR, what’s the problem? What, I didn’t play for the University of Craiova? And I refereed her after that dozens of times! Igna wasn’t a football player at UTA? And she refereed her! Marius Avram “He wasn’t a player at Dinamo? And he refereed the team from Ştefan cel Mare many times! Deaconu, the same with Steaua”
Ion Crăciunescu, in 2012, when he made his debut in Feșnic in League 1

“Due to the fact that I played football from the age of 7, I decided to take refereeing courses on the advice of my father, who was a football player and coach. If I weren’t a referee, I probably would have stayed in sports.”
Horațiu Feșnic, in an interview for FRF

The only failure in the playoffs is with Fesnic

FCSB had a sensational course in the 8 stages of the playoffs: 7 successes and one defeat. The latter was registered on its own field, against the University of Craiova, score 0-2, on the National Arena. In that game, “central” was even Horațiu Feșnic, who at the score of 0-0 dictated a controversial penalty, in the duel between Iulian Cristea and Andrei Ivan.

GSP gave credit to the referee and scored it with 7, but not all the referees in the TV area said that the penalty was one hundred percent correctly awarded. Ivan transformed, entered the break with 1-0 for Oltenia, Bic scored once more in the second half and Craiova won with 2-0.


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