Why Mazda and Alfa Romeo Don’t Sell in Turkey?

Journalist Emre Özpeynirci announced that Mazda and Alfa Romeo’s sales performance in Turkey dropped to almost zero. So why did these two brands, known for the stylish and performance vehicles they produce, come to the point of extinction in Turkey?

Journalist Emre Özpeynirci, who takes the pulse of the automobile industry in Turkey and makes remarkable statements from time to time, Alfa Romeo and Mazda made a remarkable assessment of the Talking about the sales performance of popular brands in Turkey, Özpeynirci said that Mazda sold 29 units in the first 3 months of 2022, and Alfa Romeo only 9 units. We decided to investigate the reasons why these two brands, which actually have large fan bases, hardly sell in Turkey.

Before everything MazdaDue to the eCall SIM card technology in its new generation cars, it cannot bring cars to Turkey. Therefore, it cannot reach the consumer. Alfa Romeo‘s way of defending itself is tax brackets. Officials claim that they do not have models in the low tax bracket, and they attribute the low sales to this. Well, could these be the only reason for the poor sales performance that could bring Mazda and Alfa Romeo to the point of withdrawal from Turkey? Let’s take a closer look at this issue together.

Both brands are loved. So why isn’t it selling?

Both Mazda and Alfa Romeo in Turkey popular brands is among. In fact, these brands were very popular in our country in the past years. However, as time passed, conditions changed. The number of alternatives has increased, which has changed the way consumers approach cars. As a matter of fact, to explain why neither Alfa Romeo nor Mazda are selling in Turkey. into the deep no need to descend.

Possible reasons for Mazda and Alfa Romeo not selling in Turkey

  • Price
  • MTV
  • service network
  • “Can I sell fast?” worry


Alfa Romeo price list

Car prices in Turkey are increasing day by day, and this rise could not be prevented. As such, prices started to come at the top of the most important criteria. For example; When we go to Alfa Romeo’s website and check the price, the price of the 2022 Giulia (sedan) 1.749.950 TLWe see that the price of the 2022 model Stelvio (SUV) is 1.909.950 TL. Although Mazda’s price list is not on the official website in our checks from third party sourcesWe are witnessing a situation similar to that of Alfa Romeo.

To be frank, after sacrificing a budget of 1,749,950 TL, we can see that there are too many sedan models to rival Alfa Romeo. At this point, the BMW 5 series can be given as an example. In addition, the prices of the Audi A4 or Audi A5 are competitive with the Alfa Romeo Giulia. BMW and AudiWhen we compare the popularity of Alfa Romeo with the popularity of Turkey, it should not be difficult to predict which brand the consumer will prefer.


For every car you buy in Turkey Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV) you have to pay. The amount of this tax is directly proportional to the engine volume of the vehicles. In this context; It has to be said that Alfa Romeo is right in defending itself. Because the vehicles released by Alfa Romeo engine displacements generally high. Including the 2.0-liter engine in both models sold in Turkey raises the tax to be paid to the ceiling. The MTV problem in Alfa Romeo also shows itself in Mazda. The company’s sedan model Mazda 6 and SUV model CX-5 are also sold in Turkey. 2.0 liter to engines They appear to have…

By choosing Opel’s D segment car Insignia instead of Alfa Romeo, consumers both pay a lower price and 1.5 liter engine Since his MTV is lower, he can think about the tax relatively less.

Opel Insignia

Service network prevalence

One of the most important things for consumers who buy cars in Turkey is support after sale. Of course, both Alfa Romeo and Mazda are companies that will not let consumers down, but there is also the prevalence of the business. When we enter the websites of Alfa Romeo and Mazda and use the service and dealer search modules, we see that both brands have not spread throughout Turkey at least as much as their competitors. For example, a citizen living in Eskişehir has to change the city for an authorized service, whether he buys an Alfa Romeo or Mazda. This too hundreds of kilometers of road and extra expense means…


*Service and dealer points that appear when you enter Mazda’s website.

“Do I sell fast?” matter

A purchased car is sometimes out of necessity and sometimes for different reasons. can be sold. This may be one of the reasons that put Alfa Romeo and Mazda behind their competitors. Because when we enter the websites where second-hand car sales are made and provide controls, both brands low circulation We see. For example, on the most popular sales site Alfa Romeo Giulia number of ads 4. On the other hand, you reach 160 Volkswagen Arteon ads. as 70 on the record…

So, to what do you attribute the poor performance of Mazda and Alfa Romeo in Turkey? Which vehicles would you prefer in these price bands?