Why people with cats may have more encounters under the covers

Why people with cats may have more encounters under the covers. Undoubtedly, kittens are a great companion animal that make our lives more enjoyable, but apparently having one at home generates more benefits than we imagine.

This was revealed by a finnish study who curiously decided to investigate whether having one of these felines in the home increases the number of intimate encounters. Therefore, the specialist Javier Borráz-León, together with his work team from the University of Turku, dedicated their time to respond to this uncertainty.

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The study that was published in the journal PeerJ focused on analyze a parasite called Toxoplasma gondii, single-celled parasitic organism that can infect most animals and birds. These infectious organisms are excreted only in the feces of both wild and domestic cats.

Therefore, it coincides with the research in pointing out that this parasite usually stays in the litter box when the cats relieve themselves. Later, when the human being collects them, Toxoplasma gondii can enter the body, Therefore, experts recommend that the litter box be constantly cleaned, otherwise it is more likely that the person may contract the parasite.

What is striking is that once it enters the body, there is a possibility that it will manipulate your intimate performances. According to the study, there is evidence that Toxoplasma gondii manipulates the phenotypic characteristics of its intermediate hosts to increase its spread.

Therefore, this parasite it can cause you to feel more like having intimate encounters under the covers. With this, the specialists clarify that although it is often said that parasites cause all kinds of health problems, with Toxoplasma gondii this is not the case.

In the study, the researchers looked at people who had the parasite with others who didn’t, asking how attractive they perceived themselves to be or, for example, how many intimate partners they had. The result was revealing. because both men and women who carried Toxoplasma gondii they were seen as more attractive and much healthier than people who did not have it.

In addition, women with the parasite said have more self-confidence and they also had a greater number of intimate partners; meanwhile, men had higher levels of testosterone and their facial features were more dominant. Therefore, the specialists concluded that those who have the parasite are considered more attractive and healthy.

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