Why the League of Nations is so important to us »First place brings us 3 huge advantages, while last place makes it almost impossible for us to qualify for the European

It is a more accessible competition on the road to the European Championship in 2024 than next year’s preliminaries. The 1st place in the Nations League offers 3 huge advantages, the 2nd place almost also guarantees the presence at a possible dam, while the last two positions would mean a setback.

We are making our debut in the League of Nations, a competition that De Bruyne says is “not important. They are overrated friends “, but Romania is not in the situation of Belgium and has no reason not to treat the games with Montenegro, Bosnia and Finland in the most serious way if it wants to be present at the European Championship for over 2 years.

Montenegro – Romania

Edi Iordănescu and Florin Tănase, press conference before Montenegro – Romania: “No more bohemian football! I will be very careful with them. “

Why is this competition much more important for us than for the great national teams on the continent? This is probably the question many supporters of the “tricolors” ask themselves, who are not yet familiar with what the Nations League is proposing and what it means.

THE FIRST The argument is that the League of Nations before a Euro has a much higher stake than an edition played before a World Cup. The reason is the number of teams that reach the dam. For the Euro, it’s about no less than 12 teams, for a World Cup, only two!

SECOND The argument is that the final hierarchy of the League of Nations 2022 will determine the composition of the ballot boxes for the draw in the Euro preliminaries.

THIRD The argument is that we have 3 options at the end of the Nations League group: we can advance to League A, we can relegate to C, or we can stay where we are, that is, in B. These are the general stakes, which have different connotations depending on where we will rank after the last games, scheduled for the end of September.

If we finish in 1st place

  • we will be promoted to League A and in the 2024 edition of the League of Nations we will be in a select company, and we will play big matches with the big ones. For example, Hungary, which promoted in the last edition, will now have an infernal group, but with huge names that it brings to Budapest: Italy, England, Germany.
  • we will have a guaranteed place at the Euro 2024 dam in proportion of 100%, in case we do not qualify for the final tournament in the preliminaries.
  • we will go up from the 3rd ballot box, where we are now, in the second, to the draw for the Euro 2024 preliminaries. series, but we will avoid the name from the second ballot box, where we will be, examples being Croatia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Sweden, Ukraine. From the preliminaries, the first two places in each series will qualify for the Euro, and an accessible group could look like this: Poland, Romania, Montenegro, Belarus, Gibraltar, San Marino.

If we finish in 2nd place

  • we will have very, very high chances, of over 95%, to be at the dam for the EC. The system is as follows. From the League of Nations, one place will be available for each of the A, B and C Leagues, from where 4 teams will reach the tie, in principle the group winners. They must come from those who did not qualify through the preliminaries. As most of the 20 qualified teams will be from League A, almost all of them from League B, the remaining places for the dam will be filled by the best teams from the 2nd place. For example, if from League A, from the 16 14 teams will qualify for the Euro from the preliminary 14 teams, then two teams from the lower echelon, League B, will go up to support the dam.
  • surely we will be in the 3rd ballot box at the draw for the EC preliminaries, and an extremely heavy group would look like this: France, Croatia, Romania, Turkey, Kosovo, Latvia.

If we finish in 3rd place

  • it is a position that practically means nothing, neither for good nor for very bad
  • we keep the chances of being at the dam, but we already depend on many variables
  • surely we will be in the 3rd ballot box at the draw for the EC preliminaries.

If we finish in 4th place

  • we will relegate to League C, where teams such as Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Luxembourg are currently playing
  • we have no chance of reaching the dam
  • we would almost certainly fall in the 4th ballot box for the draw of the EC preliminaries, and a very difficult group would be: Spain, Switzerland, Serbia, Romania, Macedonia.

How to complete the picture of the 24 countries at the EC in Germany 2024:

  • host country, Germany
  • the 10 winners of the groups in the preliminaries
  • the 10 national teams that will finish on the 2nd place, the preliminary groups will be played between March and November 2023
  • the 3 winners of the dams, the semifinal and the final to be played in March 2024

October 9This is the date on which the EC preliminaries will be drawn

Simulation for Romania

If all the first 20 national teams that are now, according to the hierarchy in the last League of Nations, will qualify for the Euro through the preliminaries, and Romania will finish the Nations League group on one of the first two places, then the opponents at the two dams would be chosen from a list that could include names like Norway, Scotland, Israel, Serbia, Ireland, Slovenia.

For Euro 2020, at the dam, the 12 teams that arrived from the League of Nations were: Romania, Bulgaria, Iceland, Hungary, Bosnia, Northern Ireland, Slovakia, Ireland, Scotland, Israel, Norway, Serbia, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Belarus.


With Contra I was on 2, with Rădoi on 3

We have been involved in two editions of the League of Nations. The first was in 2018, with Cosmin Contra as coach. I finished in 2nd place, two points behind Serbia, against which I did not lose in the two games. In fact, we ended up undefeated.

League of Nations 2018:

  1. Serbia 14p
  2. Romania 12
  3. Montenegro 7p
  4. Lithuania 0p

Due to the 2nd place, we obtained two advantages, but also a big disadvantage. I was promoted to the B League and I accessed the play-off for Euro 2020, but because I did not win the last match played in Montenegro by a bigger difference, I reached the 4th ballot box for the EC 2020 preliminaries, where we had an extremely heavy group: Spain, Sweden, Norway, Malta and the Faroe Islands.

I finished in 4th place. Then, I played the next edition of the Nations League with coach Mirel Rădoi and it took place in 2020. The group was heavier, the score was weaker. I finished in 3rd place, I scored 8 points, but 3 of them were at home with Norway, through a victory at the “green table”.

League of Nations 2020:

  1. Austria 13p
  2. Norway 10p
  3. Romania 8p
  4. Northern Ireland 2p

The only points of the “red lantern” in this series were checked in the two matches with Romania. Austria, thanks to the fact that she finished in first place, was present at the dam for the World Cup, although she was only ranked 4th in the preliminaries. At the dam it was eliminated by Wales.

4 nationalreached the 2020 EC exclusively through the League of Nations and the disputed dams: Hungary, Slovakia, Scotland and Macedonia

Andreas Ekberg referees Montenegro - Romania »His name is linked to one of the biggest shames in Romanian football


Andreas Ekberg referees Montenegro – Romania »His name is linked to one of the biggest shames in Romanian football

What our opponents did in the previous edition of the League of Nations

Bosnia were in League A and relegated after finishing last in a group with Italy, the Netherlands and Poland, accumulating two points: 1-1 in Italy, 0-0 with the Netherlands at home

Finland was in League B and finished 2nd, after Wales, but over Ireland and Bulgaria: 12 points out of 4 wins: 2-0 and 2-1 with Bulgaria, 1-0 and 1-0 with Ireland

Montenegro was in League C and promoted after winning a group with Luxembourg, Azerbaijan and Cyprus: 13 points, lost only one match, 1-2 at home to Luxembourg

Euro qualifications in the last 15 years

The country EC presence
Romania 2008, 2016
Finland 2020
Bosnia it wasn’t at all
Montenegro it wasn’t at all

4Romania has won in official matches, in the last decade, against some respectable opponents: 1-0 in Turkey (2012), 3-0 with Hungary (2013), 1-0 in Greece (2014) and 3-2 in Austria (2020)

What coaches qualified us for the Europeans

Edition Trainer
1984 Mircea Lucescu
1996 Victor Pițurcă
2000 Victor Pițurcă
2008 Victor Pițurcă
2016 Victor Pițurcă and Anghel Iordănescu

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Edi Iordănescu's training from Podgorica, supervised by Răzvan Burleanu

Montenegro – Romania

Edi Iordănescu’s training from Podgorica, supervised by Răzvan Burleanu

The Montenegrin coach is not afraid of the match with Romania:


The Montenegrin coach is not afraid of the match with Romania: “I can’t surprise you with anything!”