Woman called a driver who had Gustavo Petro’s micro-perforated “guerrilla dog”

Woman who called a driver a “guerrilla dog” in Antioquia

The second round of elections in Colombia, which will take place next Sunday, June 19, arouses all kinds of passions among citizens. An example of this was seen on the highways of the department of Antioquia, where a woman was seen and recorded insulting a driver for her choice of candidate.

The vehicle of the person who recorded the video, which went viral on social networks on the morning of this Wednesday, June 8, had a micro-perforated image of the candidate of the left-wing Historical Pact movement, Gustavo Petro, attached to its rear window. For the driver of a gray Twingo vehicle that was passing right next to her, this sticker was reason enough to yell all kinds of expletives at her.

The woman wore foul language while driving: in the video she was He hears yelling “malparido”, “guerrilla son of a bitch”, “dog” and “gonorrhea”, among other insults.

Noticing that the man was recording her, it is seen how the woman raises the window so that she cannot capture her face with the camera, while she continues to yell at him. Noticing this, the man asks her to show her face and explain why she is telling him all these things without knowing him. Finally, the woman accelerates to the right and leaves the scene.

The woman did not expect that social networks are relentless. Since the driver who received the insults managed to capture the plates of the vehicle of his rude interlocutor, one of the users who saw the video had access to his file in the Integrated Information System on Fines and Penalties for Traffic Violations (Simit) .

Thus, netizens learned that this vehicle weighs 26 fines and 30 subpoenas, which reach the sum of 27,341,342 million pesos. In comparison, the fines accumulated by this car exceed the market price of a used car like that —a Renault Twingo Dinamique model 2007—: between 16 and 20 million pesos, according to data from Mercado Libre.

Judging by the video, in which the woman is seen without a seat belt, carrying a child in the back seat and with her cell phone in hand, the woman’s behavior on the road would be less than exemplary.

The head of debate for the campaign of presidential candidate Gustavo Petro, Alphonse Pradaspoke about the challenge of conquering the abstentionists in the elections on June 19.

The former official of the government of Juan Manuel Santos joined the political project of the leader of the coalition of the Historical Pact, who received an invitation from the candidate with the aim of being a link with other political forces and strengthening the support of the leftist movements.

In dialogues with El Espectador, Prada indicated that the former mayor of Bogotá should make a simpler message, but with the same strong content. Unlike the speech of the candidate of the Anti-Corruption Leaders League, Rodolfo Hernández, which he described as empty and populist. Prada made it clear that the vote of women and youth will be key to victory.

In addition, the campaign debate chief recounted the reactions they had to the results in the first round, “It was natural, we got two million 700 thousand votes from the second. That’s a 12-point difference and statistical scientists say that when you get more than 10 points in the first round, in the second round you’re practically elected President of the Republic.”.

For this same reason, Prada assures the security that the campaign has to face the second round, understanding the reaction of the people because the surprise was the terrible campaign carried out by the candidate Federico Gutiérrez. And Hernández was second without a speech and became the team leader for Colombia in a week.


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