XP Educação launches college with free graduation, new MBAs and free courses; learn how to sign up

XP Education, the educational arm of XP Inc. (XPBR31), announced the launch of XP College, featuring five free, online technology-focused undergraduate courses.

With the start of classes scheduled for August 2022, courses in Information Systems, Data Science, Systems Development Analysis, Database and Cyber ​​Defense will be available.

The selection of the 400 students who will be part of the first class begins this Monday (27), and is described in a public notice. “We struggled a lot to find the best way to make this selection because we understand that the classic model, of entrance exams, was not ideal”, says Paulo de Tarso, CEO of XP Educação.

With its own methodology, and based on XP’s own professional selection processes, the system for defining XP college graduates will be divided into a few stages.

In the first one, candidates must explain challenging situations they have lived through and how they overcame them. Those selected move on to a second stage, which will test their learning skills with technology challenges over the course of two weeks. “No prior knowledge is required: students will receive all the material and instruction they need,” says Tarso.

After the second phase, candidates then go through a profile test tool, calibrated to find professionals with greater prominence in technology and, only then, is a general knowledge test applied or the Enem scores are used. At the end of this stage, the 400 undergraduate students will be selected.

Vacancies will be divided into two equal groups: one for broad competition and the other for affirmative action. The selection process in both ways will be exactly the same.

teaching model

With investments of more than BRL 100 million, XP Educação’s objective is to offer a teaching model capable of delivering to the market the talent needed to overcome the lack of manpower. “Our big dream is to be the reference in high quality education in the universe of technology, innovation and business, creating a true educational ecosystem”, he says.

According to the executive, the creation of the college was based on the concept of “employer university” (university connected to the company, in a free translation), a methodology that has been very successful in countries such as the USA, Germany and Austria.

“In practice, we are bringing to the financial and technology market in Brazil a trend of the main companies in the digital world, such as Google and Amazon, which found it very difficult to search for talents already ready for the needs of the day to day work, and started to develop their own graduate schools”, explains Paulo de Tarso.

“Today, one of the biggest corporate problems is the lack of newly trained professionals who are really qualified for the reality of work. We want to revolutionize the logic of higher education, creating educational solutions that enable the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that promote the development of students, delivering to the market people who are much more prepared to make a difference in the business ecosystem”, he adds.

MBAs and Open Courses

In addition to graduation, XP Educação announces other novelties in the universe of postgraduate and open courses. The MBA program was expanded and now offers more than 20 courses approved by the Ministry of Education (MEC), including two new courses: Data Science for Finance professionals and Customer Experience (CX) / Customer Success (CS).

Unlike graduation, MBAs will be paid. “Here, the objective is to offer those who have already graduated the possibility of a specialization of the highest quality level, with classes taught by some of the largest and most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen in the country”, says Paulo de Tarso. XP Educação’s goal, with the new MBAs, is to jump from the current 3,000 students to around 10,000 by the end of the year.

In the field of open courses, XP Educação launches a platform with bootcampsa digital and synchronous educational modality, with live classes and participation in classes to train technical skills for the market, in addition to 35 free courses in the area of ​​finance.

The platform is available through subscription, in which the student pays a monthly fee of R$ 65 and has access to all available courses.

As a subscriber, the student can enroll in different courses simultaneously and access the contents daily, but Tarso suggests that students do not enroll in more than three simultaneously. “The courses require a certain dedication”, she explains.

In addition, subscribers have access to Radar de Oportunidades, an area with vacancies in technology made available by large companies in the sector. The school expects to have more than 10,000 subscribers to the platform by the end of the year.