You will not believe that this young actress is the daughter of Ahmed Siam.. and the shock of his wife is the heroine of the movie “The Yacoubian Building”!

The artist Ahmed Siam is one of the few in the art scene who was associated with stars and had children and became famous actors as well.

What many do not know is that Siam is a famous artist, the rising star “Basant”, and she said in a press interview: “I was surprised by the approval of my father, the artist Ahmed Siam, when I offered him my desire to act, because my father, a month before her, was completely refusing to enter the field of acting.

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And she continued, speaking about the reason for his change of opinion, as he told her: “You were formed and shaped by your personality, and this is a reality that I must accept, and you are not affected again. As for my mother, the artist Rania Fathallah, she felt afraid of the field because it is very difficult, and because education is a very important factor in our lives, but she saw that I made a great effort in studying and that I could work in other fields because the financial return from acting is not fixed.

Who is Ahmed Siam’s wife?

One of the surprises is that the artist’s wife, Ahmed Siam, is the artist Rania Fathallah.

The beginning of the public’s knowledge of her in the eighties, through the role of “Magda”, the pharmacist who loved him, “Wajdi”, who played the role of the artist Hisham Abdel Hamid Ali, his wife “Mohaja” or the artist Laila Elwi in the movie “Gram of Snakes” directed by Hossam El Din Mustafa.. She Actress Rania Fathallah.

She began her relationship with art through the stage, but then devoted herself to working in television drama, presenting more than 65 diverse artworks.

Its origins and artistic beginnings

Actress Rania Fathallah, despite the public’s knowledge of her and her artistic family, did not mention any confirmed information about her exact date of birth in any of the press websites, but it is likely that she was born in the sixties.

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The beginning of the artist Rania Fathallah through the theater when she participated in the play “A Summer Night’s Dream” and “Parliament of Women” in 1982, and then the play “Honey and Sugar” in 1987 with the artist Sahar Ramy.

Then came her first movie role, through which the audience knew her, which was the role of “Magda” in the movie “Gram of Snakes” in 1988. Despite that, she always considered theater and television drama as her favorite destination.

In 2016, the artist Rania Fathallah appeared in the series “Al-Kif” and the series “Ah Min Hawa” and she had taken off the hijab after she had been committed to wearing it for a long time, but she gave it up for personal reasons and stated that no one would interfere in her personal life.

Her artistic works The artist Rania Fathallah participated in her first dramatic work through the series “Turning Point” in 1990 with Mahmoud Yassin.

After that, her dramatic works continued, including “Professor Shalash’s Family, Raafat Al-Hagan, Opera Aida, Children of Nas, Secret of the Earth, Years of Wrath, Al-Fath Al-Mubeen, Al-Bayda, Notebook for Every Citizen, Yacoubian Building, Circle of Suspicion, Blind Cat, Ibn Leil, Scorpion, Doubt.” The second wife, Al-Rukin, the mother-in-law’s kid, the gynecologist, the lady’s children, the mulberry leaves, the six capable women, the seven daughters, the security situation.”

As for the radio, she participated in the series “The Family of Marzouk Effendi” in addition to the television evening “Lubni and the Thief” in the nineties.

On stage, the artist Rania Fathallah presented a number of plays, including “A Bird and a Wasp, the Acrobat, the Night of Ali Baba’s Arrest, Abdo Defying Rambo, Two in the Air, a Million Dollar Deal, Hooligans in the Hospital, Mama America, Laughing Lane.”

As for the cinema, she participated in a very limited number of films, not exceeding seven, including “Nisa’ Al-Balayk, Whispering Al-Jawari, Eyes of the Falcon, and Askar in the Camp.”

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