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The news of Yrma Lydya’s death last Thursday has shocked much of Mexico. The popular music and mariachi singer was murdered in a restaurant in Mexico City and preliminary investigations point to her husband as the main suspect. So far there are two people arrested for the crime, the victim’s husband and her driver.

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On Thursday night, the 21-year-old singer joined the long list of fatalities due to the wave of violence that has been assaulting the entire Mexican Republic, but mainly women, the usual target of these brutal acts.

A few minutes after the event – which took place in a Japanese food restaurant called Suntory, located in the Benito Juárez Mayor’s Office in Mexico City – local authorities began to take action on the matter.

The incident occurred in a Japanese food restaurant in Mexico City (Photo: El Universal)


According to the head of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC), Omar García Harfuch, the aggressor was identified as Jesús Hernández Alcocer, 79, husband of the deceased and a lawyer by profession. García himself pointed out that Alcocer and his driver were arrested when they tried to flee the scene of the events.

In addition, local authorities reported that paramedical units were sent to the restaurant as soon as the incident became known, since the interpreter was still alive, but unfortunately when medical assistance arrived, she no longer had vital signs.

According to the journalist Carlos Jiménez, the context of the murder would have been the following: the mariachi singer entered the food place to confront her husband, 58 years older than her, because he was with another woman there. It was at that moment that Hernández Alcocer pulled his gun from her and shot her at close range three times.


“First a dry bang was heard, it did sound like a shot, but since no one moved. I was struck by the fact that the diners turned towards the pesera, which is like a private room within the site. Later another thud was heard and since we already knew where the noise was coming from, we saw that a girl was sitting down and began to rock in circles, she was seriously injured and the man who was with her stood up and with the weapon that he already had in his hand hand shot her in the head and the girl was lying on the chair”Gabriel, a diner at the restaurant and a witness to the event, told El Universal in an interview.

In addition, he stated that another man arrived to help the aggressor -presumably Hernández Alcocer’s driver-. “The man who attacked the woman was helped by another person, a bald man with glasses, who apparently came with him. She ran off this bald guy and then came back for him, we thought maybe she took the gun with her”asserted the witness, who along with other people, he said, reduced the two suspects.

Yrma Lydya with Jesús Hernández Alcocer.  They were 58 years old (Photo: telediario.mx)
Yrma Lydya with Jesús Hernández Alcocer. They were 58 years old (Photo: telediario.mx)


According to his LinkedIn profile, Yrma Lydya had a great artistic career that includes acting and ballet. In addition, it was deserving of highly relevant awards, such as the National Prize for Culture, awarded by the Senate of the Republic; and an Honorary Doctorate, awarded by the Chamber of Deputies, received for contributions to culture and its own merits.

Similarly, the interpreter had shared a video on her Facebook profile in which she sang the song “Twelve Golondrinas”, a production in which she would be sponsored by María Conchita Alonso, Alicia Villarreal, Dulce, Angela Carrasco, María del Sol, Jeanette , Aranza and Sheyla.

It is worth mentioning that Lydya -who had already appeared on television programs such as Fiesta Mexicana, on Televisa; Welcome, Matutino Express, Reventón Musical, Toros, Sol y Sombra, La cantina del tunco Maclovich, Más noche and Noche a noche con Carlos Cuevas- she was the daughter of influential businessman Carlos Quiñones, founder of Grupo Radio Comunicación SA, who died in 2020 by contagion of COVID-19.

The artist had been decorated by the government of her country for her contribution to Mexican popular music (Photo: Mezcalent)
The artist had been decorated by the government of her country for her contribution to Mexican popular music (Photo: Mezcalent)


Jesús Hernández Alcocer is a lawyer by profession and was the legal defender of the bishop of Ecatepec, Onesimo Cepeda Silva. He even partied with him when the prelate was accused of fraud in 2011.

Another character to whom he was linked was the former Secretary of Security in the times of Felipe Calderón, Genaro García Luna, who today is in prison in the United States, for crimes related to drug trafficking.

According to columnist Francisco Rodríguez, Hernández Alcocer served as a supplier for the Secretary of Security, in charge of Genaro García Luna, and he boasted that he was the only person who could get the security agencies to buy from the suppliers he indicated and of being a protégé of the Secretary of National Defense.

The victim's husband (Photo: Secretariat of Citizen Security, SSC)
The victim’s husband (Photo: Secretariat of Citizen Security, SSC)