Zărnești faces Brașov

  • The works at the new sports base in Zărnești will be completed at the end of this year.
  • The sports complex includes a football field, locker rooms, grandstands, athletics track, hotel, offices, tennis courts, but also a boxing hall.

Zărnești, a city of about 20,000 inhabitants in Brașov County, faces Brașov in terms of sports infrastructure. In Brasov, local politicians have competed in great projects for the last 30 years, but the result is disastrous.

A stadium Youth in an advanced state of degradation, a stadium tractor destroyed and on the site of which a large hypermarket, a stadium, was erected ICIM in disrepair and always in a legal dispute between a judicial administrator and the town hall, a stadium Carpathian demolished for more than two years and with works that keep pace on the spot, and at the stadium Metrom all that’s left is the turf!

How right was Marius Negrea from Brasov, the former great skating champion of Romania, who said that Brasov has arrived “A city of pubs and hotels”.

In Zărnești it is possible

Instead, in Zărnești, a city about 20 kilometers from Brașov, things are moving.

In 2015, Zărnești City Hall took over the Torpedo sports base on account of the debts accumulated by the Tohan Mechanical Plant. In December 2018, the mayor of the city, Alexandru Igrișan, submitted the project “Consolidation, rehabilitation, extension, modernization and endowment of the Zărnești sports base” at the National Investment Company (CNI). In 2019, CNI approved the project, with a financing of over 4 million euros, and Zărnești City Hall participates with a co-financing of 10 percent.

The tender for the construction of the sports base was won by the Brasov construction company Aeon Building SRL. Effective work on the sports base began in the spring of 2020.

“At the end of this year, the sports base will be completed”announces the mayor Igrișan.

Delays, extra budget

The sports base should have been ready by last month, but the representative of the construction company says that “Unfavorable weather, but also the tripling of prices for construction materials in recent months have led to this delay”.

Under these conditions, CNI will supplement the budget for the completion of the sports base. At this moment, the 600-seat grandstand is being built and work is being done to arrange the locker rooms and the wooden roof. The hotel where the athletes will be staying is also up and running and the interior design work has started. The playing field has already been arranged, it has a well-developed drainage system. The athletics track has been completed and two tennis courts have been built.

The ongoing project also includes modernization works at the boxing hall where a fitness room is provided, both equipped with bathrooms.

“We hope that by the end of this year we will be able to start the procedures for obtaining the approvals. The field is completed, the tennis courts are ready, the athletics track as well, and the buildings are erected. There’s still work on the interior. The status of the works has now reached about 70 percent. From the moment the works are received, the builder will guarantee the works for two years. The maintenance costs will be quite high, so we will try to attract as many teams for training here as possible. Here, in Zărnești, all the big teams from Romania prepared and played friendly matches. In the future, we want to equip the land with a night installation “says Silviu Oprea, sports specialty inspector at Zărnești City Hall.

Before the sports base was taken over by Zărnești City Hall, Ioan Neculaie, the former owner of FC Brașov, was interested in acquiring the land, and ten years ago the former international Adrian Ilie was also interested in investing in the sports base.

Olimpic Zărnești will play the promotion round in the 3rd League

Olimpic Zărnești, occupies the first place in the 4th League Brașov and is one step away from the dam for promotion to the 3rd League. The team is coached by Mihai Stere and consists of several players who have played at least at the level of the 3rd League. a: Levi Mihok, Ioan Șerban, Marius Nicodim, Alin Dobre, Ciprian Marcu Constantin Albu, Bogdan Botea, Nicolae Mariean, Afrăsinei, Eusebio Portic, Grigore Voicu, Sergiu Mihai, Ștefan Micliș and Vlad Berloiu.

“We look forward to playing at the new stadium. We all want to play in this arena in the 3rd League. At the dam we start with the second chance with Inter Star Sibiu, but we will fight for promotion “said Bogdan Chirițescu, the president of the Zarnesti club.

Facilities of the sports base in Zărnești

* Exterior arrangements that include vertical systematization works and landscaping, football field, running track, two tennis courts, road and pedestrian alleys – 2499 sqm, parking lots (capacity 50 cars, 4 coaches, 5 intervention cars), esplanade – 3247 sqm, green spaces, plantations and landscaping – 17000 sqm, street furniture, outdoor public lighting;
* Boxing and fitness room with administrative spaces, spaces for sports training and spaces for sports competitions;
* Accommodation with administrative space, dining space, accommodation and technical space;
* Changing rooms and grandstands.

Valentin Stănescu played in Zărnești!

The most famous football player who played in Zărnești was Valentin Stănescu. The former international major and then coach played for Malaxa Tohan in the 1941-1942 season.

The Torpedo Club Zărnești, disbanded in 2013, gave many players to the Brașov teams, the best known being Leo Silaghi and Dragoș Bucur at FC Brașov.

The last branded product of the Torpedo school was Rareș Enceanu, the current football player of Steaua.

Brasov, at the bottom of the ranking on the country regarding sports infrastructure!

Octavian Goga, the 23-year-old head of AJF Brașov, acknowledged the disaster in Brașov.

“We are suffering a lot from the infrastructure. We are at the bottom of the ranking in the country! Brasov has no new base. At Metrom it is only the land, at Carpathians it is that partnership with FRF from 2018 for the synthetic land, but I think it will take two more years until it is realized! The municipality is demolished, the tractor is demolished, and there are many litigations at ICIM. Tineretului is the only stadium that still stands and two teams play their matches there. Unfortunately, the conclusion is sad, and the children who come to football have nowhere to train in Brasov “said Octavian Goga.

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