Zero grade meeting between DDB and Răzvan Zăvăleanu! Good news for “dog” fans


The date of publishing: Friday, June 3, 2022, 8:22 AM

Date of update: Friday, June 3, 2022, 8:28 AM

Several important voices in Romanian football question Dinamo’s participation in the next season of League 2, given that the club’s reorganization plan may be upset by demotion. In the second echelon, the “dogs” will no longer receive money from TV rights, which have so far accounted for a significant percentage of the club’s annual budget.

According to the communiqué issued by DDB, Răzvan Zăvăleanu says that the debts can be reduced up to 1.6 million euros, if we exclude the 2.4 million euros from DDB. Among other things, the Dinamo official also talked about the record, the logo and the agreement with Nicolae Badea, which could allow the club to use the old coat of arms in the second echelon as well.

Press release issued by DDB! All discussions with Răzvan Zăvăleanu

THE ROLE OF RTZ – “We got involved with Dinamo and soul. RTZ is not managed by Dinamo. We need to be observant and keep in touch with the syndic judge and creditors. I supported the administrative act, because lately there was no one to run the company. The logical option would be to have a shareholders’ representative to lead, appoint the coach and make the team for the next season. Prior to the opening of the insolvency proceedings, I participated in interviews with other colleagues in the field. Representatives of the shareholders, from DDB, and Mr. Badea were present and we were selected to deal with insolvency ”

THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN DDB AND RTZ – “There was no interference in management by DDB. Aron helped us financially, whenever we needed to transfer money from DDB. Elyass was interested in what was going on, but it didn’t interfere with our actions. He just wanted to know what to say to DDB members. DDB was only involved in Uhrin’s appointment. It did not belong to Mureșan or me. We did not agree with his appointment, we did not think it could be a winning solution. If in November, when we submitted the plan, we would have made a reduction, we would have had appeals, which would have led to the non-approval of the plan and we would have had 9 points for scoring. We have provided for the payment of all creditors so that we do not have any appeals. “

DEBTS – “Debts can now be reduced to 4 million euros, of which 2.4 million is the debt to DDB. Without this debt, 1.6 million euros remain, which can be paid within 3 years “

SPONSORS – “Unfortunately, there were not many. Dinamo especially needs cash, but most of the advertising contracts were made on barters. The contract with Unibet expires on June 30. They would like to continue the contract, but their offer is much lower than what we had so far and than we expected. Nothing has been signed yet. We hope to raise as much money as possible from sponsorships. I received requests for the part on the chest of the shirt “

DINAMO 2 and the Center for Children and Juniors – “We would have already given up the 2nd team, but we risked some sanctions. It will no longer work. Regarding CCJ, we have a discussion with CS Dinamo and we are trying to establish a collaboration protocol. A possible entry of CS into shareholding. The protocol with CS Dinamo would imply the financing of the Children and Juniors Center. The agreement with CS Dinamo would be very important, in view of the fact that, when the stadium is ready, the owner will be a shareholder and thus not be tenants on the stadium. There are several possibilities for joining the shareholding: increase of share capital, transfer of shares, shareholders who do not contribute financially to the maintenance of the activity to be replaced in a hostile way. That’s why we sent the address to the shareholders, let’s see to what extent they will understand to bear the legal obligations “

HERITAGE, PALMARES, COLORS, ABBREVIATION – “Apart from the players, Dinamo has half of its base at Săftica and other real estate assets, machines and training equipment. No one can have a monopoly on colors. I was banned from using the logo commercially. Now, we are ready to start selling Dinamo products, both online and in the Veranda Mall. We had two discussions with Mr. Badea and there is the possibility of giving us the logo for an indefinite period, with the right of free use. Next week we will see if this agreement materializes. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll go ahead with the rebranding and sell the products with the new logo. There is the possibility to reunite Dinamo 1948’s record with that of the Sports Club period. It would be a reunion of the record, through which it would have sheltered in case of bankruptcy. Because if it were to go bankrupt, the record would be put up for sale and could be bought by anyone. “